The worst cheap shot you’ll ever see in baseball (and maybe in any sport, really)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

This clip of a fight between the Yavapai Community College and Scottsdale Community College zoomed around the Internet on Friday and it's not hard to see why most of the stories (including this one)  came with a "worst cheap shot ever" headline. Watch as Yavapai's left fielder comes out of nowhere to blindside a Scottsdale baserunner at the 0:18 mark.


We don't know what happened near first base to start the altercation between the two teams. Nor do we know if there was a previous history between the left fielder and baserunner.

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Still, it's hard to imagine any scenario that would condone a hit like that. There's no excuse to turn a community college baseball game into something out of the New Orleans Saints playbook.

Plenty of other websites are speculating over the identity  of the left fielder and alluding to a suspension that was handed down. If that's the only punishment he received — and not, say, expulsion from school or prosecution by local authorities— we'd say he got off a lot easier than he should have.

UPDATE: Yavapai College posted this update to their Facebook page on Saturday night:

"Yavapai College and the Athletic Department aspire to the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play. In no way do we condone the behavior as recorded in the video, which occurred on March 29, 2012 at the Yavapai versus Scottsdale Community College baseball game. The YC player involved was immediately suspended by the college and will be suspended from play for the rest of the season. The college has implemented this action and will continue to work with the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference (ACCAC) on current and future sanctions following conference procedures. Per conference rules team members from both teams involved in the on field incident have already served their suspensions."

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