Wade Boggs buys a piece of the Field of Dreams, plans to develop it

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Well, if the beloved farm in Dyersville, Iowa that spawned "Field of Dreams" must be sold and developed into a multimillion dollar baseball and softball complex, it's good that Hall of Famer Wade Boggs is one of the new owners. Right?

The sale, which was in the works for some time and was a source of much disagreement among local residents, was completed Dec. 28, the Dyersville Commercial reports. Boggs is among a group that paid $3.4 million to Don and Becky Lansing for the 193-acre site that is mostly cornfields, but of course also includes a two-bedroom farmhouse and one of the most iconic baseball fields in history.

And the Boggs group has plans — big plans — for the Field of Dreams, the Commercial says:

The ... purchase will ultimately result in the erection of All-Star Ballpark Heaven, a youth baseball and softball complex that will ultimately feature 24 fields. Phase 1 of the project is to include the completion of 12 of the fields, along with 60 team clubhouse, and is expected to be completed in 2014 in time for the tourney season.

Plans to develop the property have made neighbors nervous, the Commercial says, with parties on both sides fighting with petitions and/or lawsuits. But the Boggs' group appears to have won.

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If you've ever been to Dyersville — which is about 200 miles from Chicago in eastern Iowa — the field is really neat in person. Leaving it the way it was in the film, ideally, would be best. But if you recall, nobody was sure what would happen to the field after the movie came out 25 years ago. The Lansings might have bulldozed it and planted more corn if the movie hadn't become such a hit. It's not like they were making a huge fortune from visitors. If Boggs' group can maintain the character of the original field and make a buck with some baseball development, it's probably OK. If they don't mess it up.

So, they're building it. But will people come?

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