Bryce Harper highlights spring opener with juggling circus catch (Video)

The five weeks between now and the start of the regular season will probably feel like five months, but there’s a reason everybody needs Spring Training.

Yes, that even includes a phenom like Bryce Harper. And we saw exactly why on Saturday when the reigning National League Rookie of the Year turned a flyball off the bat of Kirk Nieuwenhuis into a mini-adventure that ended up as a circus catch.

Glove. Right forearm. Back to glove. No problem.

He actually did that so smoothly I’m rethinking whether or not that was a near error or just a well-planned juggling exhibition. As Ron Darling (or was that Keith Hernandez?) said on the broadcast, when you’re that good sometimes you need to have a little fun to keep things interesting on the field. Perhaps Harper is already bored and just looking for creative ways to pass the time until the calendar turns to March... and then April.

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