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Video: Albert Pujols statue destroyed by meteor

Albert Pujols made his Los Angeles Angels debut under the watchful eye of almost six dozen reporters from just one paper this weekend.  The report: It could have gone better and it could have gone worse. Though 'Don't Call Me El Hombre'  was 3-for-10 with two doubles and an RBI, the Halos dropped two of three games to the Kansas City Royals and the Angel Stadium crowds went home without seeing a Pujols home run. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, the folks back in St. Louis did their best to move on by enjoying the Cardinals winning a series up in Milwaukee — and also by taking advantage of a leak in security and destroying the Albert Pujols statue in Westport with a gigantic fireball, missile or interplanetary projectile of some sort.


OK, so we may have some reason to believe this is actually just the result of some fancy computer special effects and that the statue actually still stands outside Pujols' renamed restaurant in St. Louis.

Who knew Michael Bay was a Cardinals fan, though?

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