Uniform news: Red Sox alter road uniforms with return to red lettering, A’s going green

For those keeping track of uniform alterations and/or looking to buy the most up-to-date merchandise available, the Boston Red Sox have confirmed changes to their road uniforms in 2014.

It's actually a very subtle change that may not register immediately if you’re a casual viewer or even a longtime viewer with a good memory. They‘re changing the lettering on their uniforms back to red with blue trim after wearing blue-on-gray uniforms dating back to 2009.

That same year the Red Sox also introduced new alternate red and navy jerseys for home and road games respectively, so it was part of a larger change at the point. But the fact is Boston has been going back and forth between blue and red lettering since 1938, with slight alterations to the font and trim occurring at different times. The current uniforms will actually be very similar to what they wore from 1990-2008, though according to WBZ-TV the reason for the change is a “desire to revert back to [their] traditional style of uniform.”

They also note these are more consistent with home uniforms from the team’s past.

Either way, the red does seem like a much better look for the RED Sox. Not that the blue-on-gray uniforms were awful, but red stands out more and it certainly fits the team better. For that reason alone we'll call it a good change.

In other uniform news, the Oakland A's revealed their new alternate green uniforms over the weekend. Here's a look at those.

The uniforms are basically the inverse of the yellow alternate uniforms introduced two years ago, so it comes down to your preference between green and yellow. We're sure the A's clubhouse manager prefers the green, if only because it will be easier to hide the grass stains.

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