Umpire Mike DiMuro injured in collision with Billy Hamilton

The beginning of Tuesday night's Reds-Orioles game at Camden Yards in Baltimore was delayed 23 minutes by rain. Oddly enough, the game would be delayed again by weather for an hour and 46 minutes after just one batter, but that one at-bat in between proved to be eventful.

Unfortunately for first-base umpire Mike DiMuro, Orioles pitcher Bud Norris and Reds lead-off man Billy Hamilton, it also proved to be quite painful. For DiMuro, it was actually the end of his evening all together.

It started as Hamilton smoked a one-hop grounder up the middle that caught Norris' landing leg flush on the shin and deflected towards first base. Norris gingerly chased it down and then made a diving flip to first baseman Chris Davis, which didn't work. The speedy Hamilton beat it out easily, but the confluence of events more closely resembled a four-car pile up than an infield single, which is how it will be scored. 

As DiMuro awkwardly moved into position to make his call, Hamilton ended up barreling right through him, sending both to the ground very hard. Athletic trainers from both teams quickly rushed to their aid and spent a couple minutes evaluating their status. Hamilton was able to remain in the game, as was Norris, who was briefly tended to as well. However, DiMuro was unable to continue with an undisclosed injury. 

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(Getty Images)

Based on the video, it appears DiMuro took a hard shot to the shoulder from Hamilton before taking a hard fall on his tailbone and lower back. Hamilton was coming quick, too, so he had no chance to avoid it. Fortunately, it didn't look like his head made contact with the ground. He was also able to walk off under his own power, but that type of jolt is obviously concerning. 

Here's hoping DiMuro's injury doesn't prove to be serious. 

As for Hamilton, he quickly proved he was fine by swiping his 55th base right before rain started falling again. In doing so, he broke the Reds rookie record for steals. 

Norris also remained in the game even after the second rain delay, which shows the Orioles are not concerned about his leg. 

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