When Tim Lincecum met his cab-driving doppelganger

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The relative down time in baseball has given me plenty of time to reflect back on another wild year gone by on Big League Stew. And of all the zaniness that we were witness to, perhaps no story entertained me more than the tale of the San Francisco cab driver who's a dead-on doppelganger for Tim Lincecum.

You may remember the post. Back in March, the Stew uncovered a poorly lit YouTube video of a man who said his name was "Luis Lins." Though he billed himself as "Twin Lincecum" and humorously requested he be paid $1 million, his resemblance to the San Francisco Giants pitcher was so uncanny that it led some of us to speculate that it was actually Lincecum and his buddies bored between video games of FIFA.  

The story got so big that Lincecum was eventually asked if the video was actually a not-so-elaborate ruse, a charge the pitcher denied by telling Luis to get a haircut. We noted a few of the physical differences, decided we bought Timmy's story and moved on with the knowledge that there was a Linceclone on the streets of San Francisco.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. In a search for something — anything — to write about, I decided to look ol' Twin Lincecum up on YouTube to see if he had filed any more vlogs since last March. What I found was this embedded-disabled video, featuring Tim and his twin coming face to face for the first time at some sort of public event in San Francisco.

You can tell from Lincecum's expression in the above photo that he finds the looking-in-a-mirror resemblance as funny as the rest of us do. Or perhaps he's chuckling to himself at the thought of the possibilities a body double might open up for him.

That second point actually makes me wonder if the real hi-jinks were involved with one of our other favorite Lincecum posts in 2011. After all, having two Timmys around would help to explain how Lincecum can eat so much on every trip to the In-N-Out drive-thru.

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