Stan Musial newspaper clips from 1940-41

David Brown
Big League Stew

Now you can say you knew of Stan Musial before he became famous. Sort of. We lost Musial on Saturday when he died at age 92. But he lives on within our memories and stories. Thanks to this find by @BHIndepMO on Twitter, we can take a look at some of Stan "The Man's" earliest highlights — newspaper style.

It includes the announcement in the Montreal Gazzette on Sept. 11, 1941 that Musial had been called up to the St. Louis Cardinals from Class AAA Rochester. It sort of reminds me of the Simpson's newspaper gag headline: "Dick Cavett born." An aside: Anybody know what became of Bert Haas?

Another neat one from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, April 23, 1940: "Stan Musial, Daytona Beach pitcher, won his own game with a single to left field, scoring the deciding run in the bottom of the 10th." I always thought Kelly Leak should have pitched for the Bad News Bears, being by far the best athlete on the (fake) team. I wonder what kind of pitcher Stan would have been in the majors.

The three clips on the right show what an impact Musial made immediately, at age 20, for the Cardinals in 1940. He was only getting warmed up.

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