The Popeyes near Fenway piles on the Red Sox

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Boston Red Sox players and fans were probably completely tired of fried chicken and beer references, oh, about four hours after the Boston Globe's report hit newsstands last fall.

But now, more than six months later, it appears it's still going to be tough for the 2012 Red Sox to run out from the long shadow cast by 2011's chicken-craving bunch. Not when they've started this season 1-5 heading into Friday's home opener at Fenway. And not when some locals — namely this big chicken outlet near the Red Sox home ballpark  —  still want to drop poultry references like they're fans of any other team in baseball.

Since this Popeyes is near Fenway, I can't help but wonder if the sign is based on actual scientific evidence. (Josh Beckett, who will start Friday's opener against the Rays, always seemed like a KFC Double Down man to me.)

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