Pirates fan with huge glove catches foul ball

Plenty of greats have patrolled the outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates through the years. Roberto Clemente. Paul Waner. Dave Parker. Andy Van Slyke. Andrew McCutchen. None of them had a glove as big as this guy's. Clint Barmes' foul ball never had a chance, and neither did Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran — though he might have, were he to have been fitted with this dude's enormous glove.

That glove is huuuuuuuuuge. As Yahoo!'s own Angela Sun says in the video, this guy has shagged some major souvenirs at PNC Park over the past season with that giant hunk of pleather:

Can't catch him on camera? With that nuclear cowhide on his hand? Just as Major League Baseball thought it was close to getting a handle on performance-enhancing drugs, this guy comes along with a glove that obviously was spawned in BALCO's sub-basement. Actually, the glove is from the future and was grown on a farm with other oversized items:

You should SEE the batting helmets they're working on.

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