Photo: Jay-Z, Hanley Ramirez — wearing Nirvana tee — hang in New York City

David Brown
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Ah, the life and times of Sean Carter. Which, do you suppose, is the best part of being Jay-Z? That he's a big-time music mogul? A preeminent lyricist? Clothing entrepreneur? NBA part-owner? Spouse of Beyoncé? (That's it.)

But what about his status as a social butterfly among the nation's top celebrities? He apparently wants to meet all of them, and they him. Here's our man spending some time with star ballplayer Hanley Ramirez of the Miami Marlins during a day off for NL baseball in New York City. Did Ramirez just happen upon Hova? Was it chance? Hanley identifies -Z as "my man" in the original tweet, which doesn't mean anything because that's probably how I'd identify Jay-Z if he ever posed for a picture with me, which he probably wouldn't do without a frustrated look on his face — much less the near-smile he gives Hanley.

By Hanley's t-shirt, he'd seem better prepared to run into Dave Grohl. Although it would be quite nerdy to have something from "The Blueprint 3" when meeting the artist. And grunge fans, I wouldn't get too excited about Ramirez wearing a Nirvana shirt. Remember when Gary Sheffield wore that "Ghostbusters" shirt? Yeah, he wasn't like mad devotee, or anything. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Still, I like Sheff a little bit more because of that fashion choice, and the same goes for Hanley. He's OK in my book. Besides, as my man Kurt Cobain said back in the day, come as you are.

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