Ozzie Guillen suspended five games for Castro comments, holds hour-long apology in Miami

Kevin Kaduk
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Ozzie Guillen talked his way into trouble with his controversial comments about Fidel Castro in a Time magazine interview.

On Tuesday, the Miami Marlins manager attempted to talk his way out. Guillen spoke to a large media contingent at Marlins Park after flying back from Monday's game in Philadelphia and apologized countless times in both Spanish and English. The session lasted for almost an hour as Guillen said that saying he loved and respected the former Cuban leader was the "biggest mistake in my life."

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Guillen said that some of his comment about respecting Castro for staying in power for over 60 years was lost in translation, but stopped short of blaming Time reporter Sean Gregory for misquoting him.

"He has done a lot of bad things," Guillen said of Castro. "That's why I am surprised he has stayed in power so long."The press conference followed an announcement that the Marlins will suspend Guillen for five games, effective immediately. He will not be paid, but Guillen said that a paycheck was the furthest thing from his mind.

"I think fixing my problem with my community is more important to me than the suspension and money," Guillen said.

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Protesters from a Cuban-American group watched the apology on a big screen at the ballpark. Time will tell if Guillen's attempt at making amends was enough.

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