Marlins Park’s bobblehead museum has 588 bobbles, here’s a look at some of the best

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Since the Stew isn't on the scene for tonight's opening of Marlins Park, we knew we needed an operative to check out what we consider one of its coolest features. That would be the glass-enclosed "bobblehead museum" featuring 588 versions of everyone's favorite ballpark giveaway. With representatives from different eras and all 30 teams, we know it's something we'll definitely check out once we get down there.

But thanks to our excellent Yahoo! Sports video team, we now have a good idea of what to expect once we comb it all over at Le Stade de Loria. The video below features footage of some of the best bobbles our team saw, as well as Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria giving a little bit of background on the museum's logistics.

Also, here's a great overall tour of the ballpark that Y! Sports just took ...

Make sure you're ready for opening day ...
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