Mark Grace uses telestrator, alerts fans to sound loss on D-backs’ TV broadcast (VIDEO)

David Brown
Big League Stew

Clever dude, that Mark Grace.

After the Arizona Diamondbacks' TV broadcast lost audio in the second inning Sunday, Grace scrambled to activate the telestrator for Fox Sports Arizona in order to get the word out. Otherwise, thousands of elderly viewers back in greater Phoenix would have boosted their TV volume to maximum, thus putting their brittle ear drums at risk once audio was restored. So the analyst hastily wrote a message in blue:



Look at him, making like John Madden in his prime. The best part was the frowning emoticon. This longer link lasts more than two minutes and includes Grace and partner Daron Sutton excitedly realizing they can be heard again. The broadcast's producers apparently were rushing Grace to write faster, to which he half-jokingly responded:

"It's hard to write on that thing. I'm doing the best I can!"

Grace's electronic penmanship is pretty bad, but he came through in the clutch. By the way, the D-backs fell 3-1 to the Mets and R.A. Dickey. Sad face.

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