Marco Scutaro dons wrong jersey, Giants teammates immediately take notice

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

With the Houston heat soaking its way through his original jersey early on Thursday night, San Francisco Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro didn't think anyone would notice if he sought relief in the team's dry alternate uniform for the fourth inning. Both jerseys are gray, after all, and who's really paying that much attention to an infielder's uniform mid-game?

Scutaro, though, was busted quickly. Not only by eagle-eyed fans watching at home as he started a double play in the inning, but also by a Giants team  that has been adept at spotting their sartorial sore thumbs. There was Eugenio Velez's spelling error a few seasons back, and Santiago Casilla mistakenly donned the interlocking S-F earlier this year while his teammates were not into the whole brevity thing.

Despite Scutaro changing back to the correct jersey by the fifth, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said his second baseman will be due for a hearing before the team's kangaroo court. Scutaro will have a case to plead for leniency, though, as he was a midseason pickup who might be easily confused by the team's road options. He even has a better argument to wield, too: San Francisco scored all eight of its runs in the 8-4 comeback win over Houston after Scutaro did his jersey do-si-do. His rally jersey should be praised, not punished.

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