This Little League umpire may want to dial back on the caffeine consumption

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

When I first saw the "most exaggerated strike-three call of all time" video on Deadspin, I was skeptical. After all, how could you top the classic Naked Gun-stylings of Leslie Nielsen?

But this, dear Stewies, is the real deal. It's like Enrico Pallazzo and Kenny Powers had a baby and he eventually ended up calling Little League games in Rock Island, Ill., for nine bucks and all the Capri Sun he could drink a game:

Oh man, that's way too over the top. And way too funny. A few thoughts here:

1. If someone in the big leagues had this as their strikeout call, it'd be the best of the bunch. But actually pulling this off in a game full of preteens seems a little inappropriate, no? That batter didn't head straight for the dugout, he headed straight to see his shrink.

2. Odds that this ump swallowed his chewing tobacco while making this call? 5/2

3. So that's what became of Soda Popinski.

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