Josh Hamilton makes great catch, destroys part of fence at Safeco Field

David Brown
Big League Stew

Josh Hamilton, that's coming out of your game check! Be sure to replace your divot. Way to make a good impression. At least tell Alex Liddi that you're sorry for robbing him.

It's a good thing Hambone ran into that particular part of the fence at Safeco Field, because it appears to be part of a gate, and would offer more give than one panel over in front of the bleachers. Hit the wrong part of the fence at that speed, and his teammates on the Texas Rangers might be putting up a chalk outline of his body for real.

It was the second terrific catch by Hamilton against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night. He also robbed Casper Wells of extra bases with this grab — but did no harm to the Safeco fence that time. He could have, though, and it would have been OK because then he would have surpassed his insurance deductible.

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