Gotcha! Mat Gamel takes secret photo of fan who took secret pic of him

David Brown
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In a hilarious Internet turnabout that perfectly reflects our times, Mat Gamel of the Milwaukee Brewers put one over on an amateur photographer.

Gamel's family was waiting for a table at a popular Mexican restaurant in suburban Milwaukee recently when a fan thought she would snap a quick photo of Gamel away from his natural environment of Miller Park. Happens all of the time, right? Regular Joes or Josephines will see somebody famous on the street and take their picture when they think no one's looking, because it can be awkward to ask someone to take their picture.

Or, because ... why not?

But the fan wasn't as stealthy as she thought, because Gamel saw her. How do we know? Because he said so, on the Twitter account he and his wife, Julianne, share, where he posted a photo of the offending fan that one of the GAMELS had secretly snapped in response.

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Talk about Spy vs. Spy. It's a Paparazzi Yahtzee!

Tying this all together was, apparently, one of Gamel's followers on Twitter who also happens to be in the Facebook stream (or whatever) of the spying photographer. The third party posted the entire exchange on Reddit and notified Gamel, who laughed it up. Gamel seemed to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, actually:

Later, after seeing the Reddit post:

Gamel probably needed a chuckle, because he recently tore the ACL in his right knee and will miss the rest of the season. He'll have surgery soon, but he's only ambulatory with crutches, which makes getting anywhere while toting around two kids that much more difficult. Despite those struggles, it probably would have been cool for the amateur sleuth to go up and ask him for a photo op. (The Gamels were waiting for "an HOUR" to get the guacamole at the Blue Sombrero in Brookfield. What else were they gonna do?)

Although, a little irritation might be detectable in Gamel for calling the fan an "MKE local." He could have been harsher, though. And if you're going to make fun of him for having a couple's twitter account, he's ready for you.

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