Dodgers fan in a bear costume ejected after dancing on the Cardinals dugout

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"Wait," you might be saying. "I didn't know the the Los Angeles Dodgers had a mascot. And why is it a bear?"

Both valid questions from anyone who saw the dancing, cheering bear in a Dodgers jersey at Monday night's NLCS Game 3. The bear got a tiny bit of TV time, but as you can see in the video above, fans at the game saw a lot more of him. Doing the splits on the opposing team's dugout? Solid move.

Here's the thing: The Dodgers don't have a bear for a mascot. They don't have a mascot, period. And that explains why the person in the bear costume was ushered away by security. Let it be known, folks, you can't just show up at a baseball game and start mascotting, BYO-bear costume be damned.

Let's remember the good times with the Dodgers' air-catching unofficial mascot. And just look how much Dustin Hoffman is digging the show.

* * *

* * *

Someone might see these antics and think they're the work of jokester. But we know what was really afoot here. Behold:


That bear showed up Monday with a purpose. To activate Yasiel Puig. Is it a coincidence that the night the dancing bear showed up Puig broke out of his NLCS slump? Of course it's not.

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