DJ Kitty’s debut: The Rays reveal new cat mascot

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No need to adjust your monitors, folks.

That really was a cowbell-wearing, hip-hop kitty stalking the front offices of the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday.

Still puzzled about this pussycat? Well, it's apparently a real-life representation of "DJ Kitty," which had been a scoreboard gimmick for the Rays the past couple of seasons. Basically a hybrid of the Rally Monkey and Keyboard Cat, DJ Kitty has experienced varying degrees of success.  Cork Gaines claims the "housewives and college co-eds" love DJ Kitty, while we were eager to call animal control after he (she?) angered the baseball gods during the 2010 ALDS against the Rangers.

But this feline is apparently here to stay as the costume will make his debut at this weekend's Rays Fan Fest and then probably during games throughout the season. He won't replace beloved Raymond, but will rather probably serve as a secondary mascot. They're starting to become all the rage, you know. (i.e., St. Louis' real-life Rally Squirrel).

He's been standing strong with the defunct devil ray on his torso, but I wonder if the dude with all 30 MLB tattoos on his body might find a little more room for this one?

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Here's video of the scoreboard version of DJ Kitty:

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