Carl Pavano lends helping hand to Vermont Little League leveled by Tropical Storm Irene

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When Howard Paul visited his town's baseball facility in the wake of last fall's Tropical Storm Irene, his heart immediately sank. The weather had wiped everything out.

"There wasn't anything left," the Ludlow (Vt.) recreation director told the Times Argus. "Our bleachers were gone, fences were torn, and the building where equipment was stored was lying on its side. I saw uniforms covered in mud, helmets all over the field and in the woods, and our bats were no longer usable. It made me want to cry."

Enter Carl Pavano. The Minnesota Twins pitcher calls the area home during the winter months, and Paul has regularly allowed Pavano to use the park district's facilities for his offseason workouts. With the town's baseball players in a bind, Pavano felt the need to give back. He arranged for a donation of $10,000 worth of new equipment through Pitch In For Baseball, a charity that will allow Ludlow's Little League season to start on time.

From WCAX:

During this time of rebuilding so many people need help, but Pavano said he chose a group he knew would be last on the list.

"Howie had said that most likely these would be things that would be left last to be picked up because of the budgets in Vermont and the shortfalls and stuff like that," Pavano says. "I took it upon myself to put it on the front burner because I have the ability to do that."

WCAX has full video of Pavano helping out the children and your heart will actually be warmed twice while viewing it. In addition to it just being a nice story, the video also features some pretty tantalizing shots of brand-new baseballs, helmets and bats. There are really few better sights in late January or early February than fresh equipment — and especially when it's going to kids who could really use it.

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