Bryce Harper appears to have dyed his hair white for some reason

Some players deal with failure in different ways. While Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper shouldn't be ashamed of his individual numbers, the pain of the team's disappointing season still lingers.

For what it's worth, Harper has decided on an ... interesting coping mechanism.

Yes, it appears Harper has dyed his hair white, or "ice" as he calls it in the picture. Honestly, we can't tell if this is some strange filter, or if Harper actually went through with it.

Another reason we're unsure about the whole thing is ... why? Why would anyone do this? Perhaps Harper is trying to look like an experienced veteran since he's already hitting like one. Or perhaps he realizes looking older means he's less likely to be confronted by his teammates for breaking the unwritten rules of the game.

UPDATE: Apparently, he really did it!

It's also possible that this is natural, and the stress of the season caused Harper's hair to turn white. Maybe this is his elaborate coverup. We don't know. With Harper, anything is possible.

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