Adrian Beltre looks foolish on whiff, homers from one knee on next pitch

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Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is prone to doing ridiculous things on the baseball diamond. Whether he's forgetting about the new pace of play rules, getting in strange rundowns or protecting his cranium, Beltre is a constant source of entertainment for all fans.

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He's also an exceptionally talented player. Beltre showed off all of those traits during one at-bat Thursday. With a 1-1 count, Evan Scribner threw a devastating curveball that caused Beltre to helicopter to his knees.

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Scribner thought he could get away with another knee-bender on the next pitch, but was only half-right. Beltre did go to his knee again, but drilled a solo shot to left this time. 

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That sequence sums up Beltre as a player. He may find himself the victim of a silly moment on the field, but he'll destroy you the instant you let your guard down. 

Thanks for being so darn entertaining, Adrian Beltre. Oh, and for being an awesome baseball player. That's pretty neat too. 

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