Adam Jones’ banana-tossing man arrested after Jersey Shore incident

David Brown
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The man who threw a banana in the direction of Baltimore Orioles slugger Adam Jones has been biding his time at the Cape May County (N.J.) Correctional Center after being arrested at the Jersey Shore on Saturday.

No, you cannot make this stuff up.

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His incarceration is not related to the Jones incident at a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park in August, which Alexander Poulides said was a misunderstanding and not a racially motived attack because Jones is black. The Giants (and Jones, presumably) have moved on, but it turns out that Poulides has much bigger problems, as's Daily Delco blog reports:

On Saturday, police in North Wildwood got a report of a disorderly person arguing with a Morey’s Piers employee there at 9:28 p.m. It was Poulides, here at the Jersey Shore, though he allegedly lied about his identity when police first confronted him. It turns out that Poulides, who police said lives in Willits, Calif., grew up in Delaware County and still has family here, and was visiting the area when he decided to go to the shore, police said. […]

North Wildwood police say Poulides was a fugitive in Pennsylvania on retail theft and drug charges out of Upper Darby. He also had outstanding warrants from Sea Isle City and Ventnor, police said. According to news outlets in California, he was arrested in 2012 there for driving under the influence and again in April for “suspicion of drunk driving.”

Now that's a troubled individual. Allegedly. A repeat criminal at worst and a liar at best, Poulides can't be believed when he tries to identify himself, much less when he says the banana toss was not racist. Anyone who bought his explanation can swallow a whole bunch of anything.

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