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The Ottawa 67′s Christmas video, and 5 reasons it spreads holiday cheer for CHL fans

The Ottawa 67's serenade fans during their holiday medley (YouTube)

The joy of junior hockey Christmas videos. Someday in the not too distant future, 16-year-old phenom Travis Konecny might be a future franchise player in the NHL, but for now he's the rookie who is grateful to wear Rudolph's red nose and accessorize with antlers during the Ottawa 67's Christmas videos.

Teenage hockey players letting their ids hang out and generally being festive while lip-syncing to medley of holiday hits has becoming heart-warming staple of the Canadian Hockey League during the countdown to Dec. 25. The 67's, fittingly for a team whose wears the same red, black and white as Santa Claus, have released their video, which includes homages hip-hop, holiday favourites, Justin Bieber and Bruce Springsteen.

There is a lot to like, including but not limited to:

— Colorado Avalanche draft pick Joseph Blandisi cutting loose during the introduction;

— Finnish rookie defenceman Alex Lintuniemi (No. 40) sneaking furtive glances back and forth, as if he's seeing but not really fully believing this strange Canadian rite. But he goes along anyway;

— Brett Gustavsen (No. 25) playing the badass elf during the hip-hop portion, since it takes some brass to last in the OHL at 5-foot-7 and 177 pounds;

— Konency and forward Taylor Fielding running down arena hallways imitating Rudolph pulling Santa Claus' sleigh, which is the best imitation of a four-legged animal since Monty Python and the Holy Grail;

— John Urbanic's commitment to defending the work of Justin Bieber. Later in the video, when Urbanic gets up to cover the Biebs; he gets wads of paper and other projectiles thrown at him.

Extra credit for getting the updated Kingston Frontenacs logo on the naughty list.

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