Shawn Stefani gets terrible break and ridiculously good break on the same shot (Video)

Here is something you don't see much in golf; a player got a horrible break and a ridiculously awesome break all on the same shot.

Above is Shawn Stefani, a man that was already having a bad day before he arrived at the par-5 18th hole at TPC San Antonio. Stefani's second shot was heading for safety before it slammed into a sprinkler head which redirected his ball into the hazard.

Bad break, right? Not so fast. Stefani's ball somehow found the one dry area in the water hazard that cuts down the middle of the closing hole and he was able to play it out of the mud and water. Stefani's ball found the green, and while he couldn't convert the birdie putt, a par was way better than what it looked like might happen after his ball hit the sprinkler head.

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