Win Butler's Celebrity Game MVP speech cut short after political talk

Arcade Fire's Win Butler took his opportunity of being on air to bring up a touchy topic following the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night, and it was awkward.


ESPN reporter Sage Steele did not take kindly to that lecture.

The Arcade Fire vocalist was born in the United States but sings for a Canadian-based band and married his band-mate Régine Chassagne in 2003. Butler has been living in Canada since 2000 when he moved to Montreal to attend McGill University.

Butler finished the game with 15 points, 14 rebounds and 3 steals, good enough to take home MVP honours, but his speech drew mixed reviews on twitter:


Whether or not the timing for the lecture was right, ESPN was clearly focussing on making the event all about basketball rather thank spark up a political debate.

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