TMZ has a little fun with Canada, the Olympics and Nelly Furtado

A couple of things we can ascertain from a recent paparazzi style interview of Canada's own Nelly Furtado: She's not really up on the whole Olympics thing and TMZ staffers, wonder of wonders, don't know too much about Canada.

Out one night recently - I'm going to guess while she was club hopping or some other such celebrity indulgence - Furtado was swarmed by photogs and fans. Somebody piped up and asked Furtado how Canada would do at the upcoming Olympic Games, in London, asking if she thought Canada would "win the gold medal, maybe, in the summer Olympics?"

Well, the inquisitor didn't sound like Brian Williams and the assumption that there is only one gold medal to give away at the games maybe cements the notion that the guy asking the question isn't exactly up on more than the "higher" concept of "higher, faster, stronger."

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Furtado's answer suggests that Nelly isn't terribly interested in indulging in a deep sports conversation. You can see the video here.

Nelly rattles off a disinterested looking reply, mumbling that maybe the basketball team could win it. Not sure if Nelly's a big roundball fan (her mention of Steve Nash in her song "Promiscuous" suggests she may be), but if she happened to be referring to the men's basketball team, no dice. Canada's men are not in the tournament. Even if they were, no one expects anybody, never mind Canada, will beat the United States.

Perhaps Nelly is more savvy than I give her credit for. Maybe, just maybe, she was referring to the women's team, eh? Maybe. However, the U.S. is heavily favoured there, as well.

Canada is listed as a very long shot, at 250-1.

As for the humour of TMZ? Hey, it's not that I think they shouldn't do jokes about Canada, no. Not thin-skinned about that. It's just that maybe they ought to leave the funny to the real pros. Take Stephen Colbert, for example. When he makes fun of Canada, (or anything else, really) you can't help but laugh.

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