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Meet the world’s oldest curler: WWII vet still tossing stones at 102 years old

102 year old curler Steve Gittus. (photo from CBC report)

Next time you complain about having to pry yourself off your comfy couch to brave the winter wind chills for a mid-week game of curling (or anything else) think of 102 year old Steve Gittus, of Kamloops, British Columbia.

CBC News featured the man who's named as the world's oldest active curler, heading out on to the sheets on a twice-weekly basis, to play in the Kamloops Curling Club's "55 - Plus" league.

Steve would definitely put the "plus" in the "55 - Plus" portion of the equation.

Reporter Bob Nixon chronicles the exploits of Gittus, who's been playing for 59 years, taking the game up at the age of 41, after serving both in World War Two and Korea.

You can see the report here.

What seems most amazing about Gittus' dedication to the game is that he, apparently, still does his share of sweeping and there is a shot of him doing just that during the CBC report.

"I need to get exercise," he tells Nixon. "With curling, you do a bit of walking, a bit of sweeping and delivering the rock."

He won't keep it up, though. Gittus says he'll retire from the game when he reaches the age of 105.

The ol' guy seems remarkably together for his advanced age and who knows? Maybe his decades of curling participation have provided him with some sort of elixir, over time. More than likely, curling's tradition of two rounds of drinks after each game is the secret to his longevity.

At least, that's decent enough rationale for any curler.

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