London 2012: What to watch, August 4th

Is it time for Bolt yet? Is it time for Bolt yet? Yes, yes, calm down. It's time for Usain Bolt. The world's fastest man gets on the track and it's hard to know if he can still be as fleet afoot, what with lugging all that drama and doubt along side. His breezy win in the 100 metres in Beijing four years ago is not expected to be repeated. At least, not the breezy part. He's slowed by some nagging injuries and even lost Jamaica's Olympic qualifier to Yohan Blake. As well, he lost a late night race against Mickey Rourke outside a London nightclub recently. At least, that's what Rourke says. If you can't believe Mickey Rourke... I mean, he's not Gary Busey for crying out loud. Now, the semis and the final will go Sunday night, but there are a series of qualifiers and such on "Day August 4th," beginning at 5 am ET on CTV. But don't get up early if you want to see Bolt. He's not scheduled to go until around 3:30 pm ET.

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South Africa's Oscar Pistorius will make history. He will appear in the 400 metre event running on carbon fibre prosthetic blades. He's not expected to be a big threat, but would like to at least make the semi-finals. Pistorius is scheduled to go in the first heat at 5:35 am ET, on CTV and Sportsnet. If he makes the semi's, you can see him again at 3:05 pm ET.

There will be an Olympic champion in women's tennis Saturday morning. Maria Sharapova meets Serena Williams. Who? And, who? I know, I know. These poor struggling Olympians never get any attention, do they? Come on, throw these youngsters a bone and give them a pity viewing. 9:30 am ET, CTV.

More horsey set stuff. Canada's Ian Miller is competing in his TENTH Olympic games. TENTH. At the age of 65, they should give him a medal just for being able to get up on the horse. Or just get up from a chair. While we're at it, where's my medal for being able to get up out of a chair after spending 14 hours in front of a TV set? Equestrian mixed jumping can be seen at 5:30 am ET, on OLN.

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We seem to be past the portion of the badminton competition where players are given points for avoiding hitting the shuttlecock. Honestly, a badminton scandal? That wouldn't even cut it in an episode of Downton Abbey. Anyway, it was good for Canada. The team of Alex Bruce and Michelle Li goes for bronze against the Russians. 5:30 am ET, CTV. With Team Bruce/Li involved, sure hope it's broadcast with over the top sound effects and a bad overdub. Oh and some waaaay cool kicking.

I will watch three-time trampoline medallist, Karen Cockburn, represent Canada again. I will watch another Canadian, Rosie MacLennan, go for trampoline gold as well. Once again, I will curse my parents for forbidding me to jump on my bed, as a child. What could have been. 9 am ET, CTV.

The U.S. men's basketball team will have its hands full with Lithuania. You know, the way you might have your hands full with whipped cream. Not a slight against Lithuania. Just that the U.S. defeated Nigeria 156-73. The Americans were favoured to beat the Nigerians by 32 points. They're favoured to take care of Lithuania by 34.5 points. 9:30 am ET, on Sportsnet, if you're a fan of American millionaires enjoying a nice light snack.

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Canada's Ryan Cochrane will swim a kilometre and a half in the men's 1,500 metre freestyle event. See what I did there? I proved I know all about the metric system by converting metres into kilometres. I learned that growing up in the 70's, so, thank you, Pierre Trudeau. Cochrane won a bronze in this event in Beijing and is intent on doing better. So, we've got that in common. The trying to do better part. 2:30 pm ET, CTV.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to close up shop so I can watch Brian Williams interview Prince Harry and Prince William. CTV really seems to want me to watch. They've been running promos and mentioning it about every 10 seconds. Okay, I got it, I'll be there. Sure hope the two of them break into an impromptu Greco-Roman wrestling match. Brian and Harry, that is.

Here's the full Canadian broadcast consortium schedule.

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