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Jose Canseco wanted to be next Toronto mayor, couldn’t work out ‘citizen thing’

Jose Canseco spent 17 years in the MLB. (Getty Images)Well that was fun while it lasted. After raising interest in the Toronto political scene -- even if it was only for a few hours -- Jose Canseco conceded in an email to the Toronto Star that because he isn't a Canadian citizen he won't be able to run for mayor of the city.

In a string of tweets with Toronto Star political reporter Daniel Dale in the wee hours of Friday morning the former Blue Jays slugger expressed interest in running against Rob Ford and even outlined his political platform.

Yes, this is the same Canseco who admitted to using steroids during his MLB playing days, released a controversial book in which he speaks of widespread steroid use in Major League Baseball, has had several run ins with the law including multiple arrests, has fought in celebrity boxing matches and appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice. Saying he was fired would be inaccurate, rather he left the show voluntarily.

So the 48-year-old has quite the resume and news of his interest in Toronto’s political scene comes just days after he announced his 10 New Year’s resolutions in which he lists “getting elected to an important political office in Canada and U.S.” among a few other bizarre resolutions including “fighting Shaq in an MMA cage” and “helping people who are getting screwed over whenever I can.”

Unfortunately, as Dale pointed out in his original story for the Star, one of the finer details that needed to be pointed out with regards to his desire to become the next mayor of Toronto is the fact that Canseco isn’t a Canadian citizen and therefore would be ineligible to run.

Canseco had said he planned to work out the “citizen thing" but as Dale pointed out in a BREAKING tweet late this morning he was unable to do so thus dropping the potential idea of a Canseco political campaign in Toronto. But hey the Jays still have an opening at DH don't they?

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