Julien Maio hits incredible badminton shot must be seen to be believed

The Eh Game

At first look, it appears to be just a fairly routine, yet impressive badminton rally. And not in the "oh my God I can't believe they're trying to throw this game at the Olympics" way.

Check the video, below, and see if you notice just what exactly makes the winning shot by Julien Maio at the Strasbourg Masters so spectacular. I must admit, I had to watch it a second time before I clued in about what had just transpired. Watch and see if you catch it straight away:

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He's almost completely flat out on his stomach when he makes the shot! A quick, one-armed push up gets Maio just high enough to block what appears to be a sure winner by his opponent, Romain Eudeline.

Love each player's reaction, too. Eudeline turns his back and hangs his head in what seems to be utter disbelief. Maio gives him a "there there" kind of pat on the rump with the tool of his wizardry - his racquet.

Moral of the story (well two morals actually):

Never give up.

Also, when A guy is flat on his stomach at the net, maybe lob your winner toward the backcourt from here on out.

That is quite the reach shown by Maio who's provided a highlight every bit as good as any diving stick save we've seen by an NHL goalie.

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