Canada, U.S. women’s hockey teams brawl, which means 2014 Sochi Olympics are fast approaching

Neate Sager

These teams play five more games before the Olympics, you say? Saturday night's Canada-U.S. women's hockey game was distinguished by a line brawl late in the game.

Team USA's Jocelyne Lamoureux precipitated the fracas by colliding with Canada goalie Shannon Szabados in the crease. That led to several of our strongest female athletic role models — Tessa Bonhomme, Courtney Birchard and some American players whose names you can Google — tussling in the corner of the rink.

No double standards or shock here; it's Canada and the U.S. playing hockey, with the complete absence of another challenger. Like Hayley Wickenheiser said: "We had a similar scrap in 2010, so I guess we have one every Olympic cycle to get it out of our system. It was kind of fun to see."

Canada held off a late U.S. push for a 3-2 victory. The teams play another pre-Olympic contest on Thursday in Boisbriand, Que. The scuffle wasn't surprising, knowing the history between the teams, but it's still not something one sees every day.

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