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  • Shocking, or perhaps not so shocking, Rafael Nadal is upset by qualifier Dustin Brown at Wimbledon

    Stephanie Myles at Eh Game1 day ago

    WIMBLEDON – Every tennis fans and expert wanted to be the first to predict that exact moment Rafael Nadal’s career would start sliding down the other side of the impossible high hill he has climbed.

    The thing is, most figured it would be his body that would let him down, that the wear and tear of his signature grinding style on those balky knees would eventually be his downfall, probably before his time and certainly long before his heart and desire ever wavered.

    So the shocking and somewhat unexpected thing is, at age 29 and healthy, it is Nadal’s mind, his will, his confidence, that are betraying him instead.

    And the shocking thing about the Spaniard’s 7-5 3-6 6-4 6-4 loss to flashy serve-and-slasher Dustin Brown of Germany in the second round at Wimbledon Thursday was that it wasn’t even THAT much of a shock. It almost seemed that if Nadal did turn it around and come back to win, it would be because Brown faltered at the finish line and not because Nadal himself would flip the switch.

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  • FIFA/CONCACAF scandal hits Canadian banks, but Scotiabank may be key to change

    Andrew Bucholtz at Eh Game1 day ago

    The ongoing FIFA corruption scandal has several key connections to Canadian soccer figures, and it will undoubtedly have an impact on Canadian soccer, but an underexplored element of it is the involvement of Canadian banks. The most prominent connection is with the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), which became the lead sponsor of CONCACAF (the North American and Caribbean confederation of FIFA, and the one at the centre of many of the allegations of bribes and kickbacks) in 2014, but as Reuters reported this week, divisions of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Royal Bank of Canada are also facing questions about their involvement in some of the transactions mentioned in the FIFA indictments, with a CIBC FirstCaribbean officer allegedly flying to New York to personally collect a cheque and take it to the Bahamas and RBC having business ties to a Caribbean firm listed in the indictments . Investigations of the past are one thing, but it's notable that Scotiabank is actively pushing for CONCACAF reform and threatening to withhold its sponsorship payments until reforms are made. Reuters' Euan Rocha and John Tilak reported this past week that the bank wants specfic reforms before it hands over another cheque:  

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