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  • The best moments of the 2015 Cricket World Cup

    Justin Robertson at Eh Game7 hrs ago

    World Cups are unpredictable beasts and that includes the Cricket World Cup. All it takes is one casual slip of the hand and it can cost you everything. It’s a sojourn of rousing and back-slapping highs but also contains dark lows and painful exits. Before the tournament begins you have a bunch of unknowns and over the course of six weeks things unfold; players outdo and baffle us, teams fold and produce winning streaks. As fans watching this sport opera unfold before our furrowed brows and strained eyes, we become useless to stop the fervor physically taking over our body like vines on a brick wall, making us anxious or ill when things don’t fall our way on the field. We are useless to stop the emotions when the human body reacts to a last ball win, that send our arms in the air uncontrollably and voices into fits of boisterous ecstasy. The unpredictability of it all keeps us at bay most of the time, and keeps us paralyzed. No one can tell us how things will pan out. We have to sit and watch and wait. The World Cup is a moment in time where pieces from a puzzle are slowly solved to build an image of a winner at tournament’s end and in between are the momentum swings, the near misses and the sweet joy. Each game is broken down into moments. And each moment has micro moments. These trifling time periods eventually form a large collection of junctures that become stitched in history forever with raw emotion being the glue that sticks it all together.

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