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  • Rio de Janeiro is already in a league of its own for pre-Olympics problems

    Chris Young at Eh Game1 day ago


    The pre-Olympic narrative typically runs to tight deadlines, questions about infrastructure, slow ticket sales and much fretting and sweating.

    Then there’s Rio 2016, which with 100 days out now practically demands its own '99 Problems' remix.

    Olympic and Paralympic Games have in the past largely overcome the many concerns that precede them, delivering thrills, memories and a party (the post-Games hangover and day of reckoning is part of the cycle too), and each day brings a reminder – some pleasant, some not so much – that it’s all drawing closer.

    On Wednesday, to mark the milestone day in the Games’ ancient Greece home, the Rio OC president was handed the Olympic torch.

    The @OlympicFlame is officially on its #RoadToRio! What an amazing ceremony 👏✨🔥 #100DaysToGo pic.twitter.com/Lg9KZId4ir

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  • For Raptors, it's going to be all about the opening minutes

    Chris Young at Eh Game2 days ago

    The imperatives heading into tonight’s Game 5 are pretty obvious for the Raptors:

    Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are all-stars, and have to start playing like it;

    Luis Scola’s presence in the starting lineup makes less and less sense(and while we’re on the subject, Patrick Patterson is no fan of starting);

    Make some open 3-pointers to free up the floor in particular for the two all-stars, keep JV out of foul trouble and scoring; Masai Ujiri'sget out of work early slip; etc.

    Maybe the most important thing is fundamental. None of those changes will matter if the Raptors come out as soft defensively as they did starting Saturday’s Game 4 in Indianapolis, wherein the Pacers hit five of their first six shots, the last two baskets being lay-ups. They weren’t much better with the ball, and they never did make shots, but it was that lack of intensity on defence that to me was the biggest head-scratcher and the greatest indictment.

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