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Eh Game

  • It's Super Sunday again, but for how long more?

    Chris Young at Eh Game2 days ago

    On Sunday, I’ll be headed to a friend’s place to eat well (barbecue) or not (chips, peanuts), drink something cold (I’m thinking a nice stout), buy a couple of $5 squares, sit through this year’s overblown pop act (hoping for a Left Shark reprise), and finally, perhaps, though this always seems an afterthought (and almost always, less than promised), watch a bit of football – because you don’t just watch the Super Bowl. You consume it, as if on vacation from midwinter, a one-day-into-the-night binge that at this downtown Toronto house I'm headed to will be shown on a screen that at 80 inches across sits against the basement wall looking like the arse end of the Titanic come to rest.

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