Photos: Fire at Winnipeg’s Canad Inns Stadium

We've seen false reports of a CFL stadium fire before, but this one appears to be real. Twitter filled up with reports and photos of a significant fire in a storage shed at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg Tuesday night. Here are some of the photos, from CTV's Ben Miljure and Global's Mitch Rosset:

Reports have the fire contained to the storage shed, so this may not be a big deal for the stadium, and the Bombers are set to begin play at the new Investors Group Field by the start of this season anyway. However, it's possible that they could lose some equipment in the fire (something that happened to the Argos after a practice-facility fire in 2011). This could also impact future uses of Canad Inns. It's fortunate for the team that this didn't happen at the stadium they're set to play at this year, but it still could be problematic.

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