“Cut Your Waiting Time” ad for Ottawa CFL season tickets is remarkably campy

While everyone else is making fun of the Ottawa Senators' new "Canadian Tire Centre" name for their arena, there are important developments from one of the city's other preeminent Internet punchlines, the CFL expansion Ottawa Rouge et Noir (or REDBLACKS, if you go by the team's media guide). Thanks to Ryan and others, video of the team's latest ad for their season-ticket waiting list (which was published to YouTube June 5) is starting to get wide web attention:

Yeah, that's something, all right. The popping words, buzzsaw imagery and rather odd background music are mockable enough on their own, but what really elevates this to a new level is the guy shouting such delightful catchphrases as "Let 'er rip!" and "Rev it up!" He might seem more in place on American Chopper or Jackass, in a Larry The Cable Guy special or in a "Wassup!" era Budweiser commercial. What's also funny is that this was apparently shot in 3D, so it's not a low-budget ad. It just feels like one, and it includes an expensive 3D option that's unlikely to be seen by most viewers.

Oh well, the team already apparently had over 5,000 people willing to pay $25 each to get their name on this priority list before even their reasonably-impressive name unveiling, and there's still a full year to go before they start play, so it's not like this ad's a make or break moment for them. Heck, it even got everyone to stop talking about their ludicrous capitalization request for a moment, and we all know the value of changing the conversation in advertising. There's also something to be said for embracing the lumberjack imagery of the original Ottawa franchise. Still, there are other ways to do that...

Or, if they don't want to go full lumberjack but still want to embrace the franchise's history, there's a very appropriate (but NSFW) entrance song they could use. You could even get the crowd chanting along "Stop, drop, shut 'em down, open up shop," but oh, no, that's how Rough Riders roll. REDBLACKS, on the other hand, apparently prefer to "Let 'er rip!"

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