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Alouettes set up their own Academy Awards with an excellent celebrity lookalike video

Sunday's a day full of celebrities and red carpets for those interested in the Academy Awards (a category that apparently now includes Nate Silver), and the CFL's Montreal Alouettes are getting in on the action. The team's put together an excellent video of "The Alouettes Celebrity Look-Alike Awards," comparing their players to Hollywood actors and musicians. It even comes complete with Oscar-esque statues and audience applause!

There are some great comparisons in there. Defensive end John Bowman does look a bit like The Rock, who was briefly a CFL player himself back when he was still known as Dwayne Johnson (and also played on the defensive line); The Rock's making more money in Hollywood these days, but Bowman's by far the better football player, as Johnson was cut by the Calgary Stampeders just two months after starting his north-of-the-border career. Kicker Sean Whyte definitely has an Edward Norton resemblance going on, and defensive assistant/football operations assistant Jean-Marc Edme could pull off a very convincing Cee-Lo Green impersonation if he was a little bigger. The funniest one in here may be the least accurate, though. Linebacker Bear Woods' resemblance to Shakira may not go beyond his hairstyle, but it's still good for plenty of laughs.

It's nice to see this kind of original thinking in videos from a CFL team. The traditional player interviews and so forth have plenty of value, but thinking outside the box and doing something funny like this is a solid way to draw some attention to the team during the long CFL offseason, particularly when it's timed to coincide with a big event like the Academy Awards. Also, this is original and something the web isn't sick of already, unlike, say, the Edmonton Eskimos' attempt to get in on the rather lame and inaccurate Harlem Shake craze. Keep it up, Alouettes! Now, if you're able to convince new head coach Dan Hawkins to do a video reprising his famous intramurals rant, then you'll really be deserving of an Oscar.

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