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    UEFA Euro 2024 tournament: How to watch the Netherlands vs. France match today

    Euro 2024 continues this afternoon with the Netherlands vs. France match. Here's what you need to know.

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    Travel smart with the best flight crew-approved trip essentials — all on sale

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    Tourists Not Thrilled to Be Trapped on Boat With Child Playing Recorder

    A British couple struggled to stifle their laughter when their relaxing boat trip in Italy was unexpectedly soundtracked by a child practicing the recorder, as seen in a viral TikTok video.This footage was filmed by Kate Montgomery, who told Storyful that her hopes for a relaxing trip around the Gulf of Naples were dashed after a little girl who was also traveling on the boat with her family pulled out a recorder and began playing.“Her mum kept videoing her and us, thinking it was a concert,” Montgomery added.“It was filmed on a cheap boat trip in Naples, €20 for 20 minutes. Just something to do,” Montgomery said, writing on TikTok that she was left wanting a refund. Credit: Katie Montgomery via Storyful