• Cover Media

    Vivienne Jolie drops 'Pitt' for musical role

    The teenager has been credited simply as 'Vivienne Jolie' for the Broadway show, The Outsiders. In the programme for the musical, the 15-year-old is listed as Vivienne Jolie instead of Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, as revealed by People magazine. It is not immediately clear if she has legally changed her name. Vivienne took the role as her mother's assistant on the show, a role Jolie revealed she took very seriously. "She'll correct me. She'll say, 'Didn't you read the memo? We have to do this, we have to go through this.' She's been a really tough assistant."

  • Reuters

    EU sanctions Voice of Europe, related businessmen, Czech ministry says

    The European Union has added Voice of Europe and two businessmen connected to the news website to an EU-wide sanctions list, extending sanctions imposed by the Czech Republic, its foreign ministry said on Monday. The sanctions on the two individuals, Viktor Medvedchuk and Artem Marchevskyi, and the website will consist of travel bans and asset freezes, the ministry said. In March, the Czech Republic sanctioned the Prague-based company, which runs the news website voiceofeurope.com, alleging it was a tool of Russian propaganda.

  • The Telegraph

    Hypocrisy of Man Utd fans lambasting Alan Shearer’s superb Jeremy Paxman moment

    The reflexive outrage towards TV pundits is so perverse that it makes you scream. And doubly so when the subject is Manchester United. Back when a careworn Ole Gunnar Solskjaer presided over a 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool, the main gripe against the commentariat was that they were too indulgent, too forgiving of the Norwegian’s failings. Gary Neville drew widespread criticism for making excuses for a friend and former team-mate. A school of thought developed that viewers deserved better.