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    Understanding the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home

    Never in U.S. history have federal agents come knocking at a former chief executive’s private residence looking for state secrets. GOP politicians and conservative pundits have called the unprecedented search Monday of former President Donald Trump's residence Mar-a-Lago a “deep state” Democratic stitch-up, but the agents left armed with what have been described as "many pages of classified documents."

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    Don't drink Hudson's Hope water

    Update: Hudson’s Hope Mayor Dave Heiberg is asking residents to continue to being patient while the district works out issues with the water treatment plant, after a Do Not Consume Order was issued today. In a media release update, Heiberg says the district consulted with Northern Health over the order and decided they would put the order in place as a precautionary measure while the plant’s aerator is repaired, as several damaged units need to be replaced. “It was actually the district’s initia

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    COVID-19 updates for week of August 8

    In Canada as of Aug.6, there were 1,070 cases reported, with a seven-day average of 4,739 cases. As of Aug.5, there was an increase in deaths of 208 cases, with 42,901 deaths recorded since the start of the pandemic. There were 5,100 cases in hospital as of Aug. 5, with 299 cases in the ICU. In Ontario, the estimated number of COVID-19 cases per day as of Aug. 4 was 1,744, an increase of seven cases over the previous week. COVID-19 cases in hospital as of Aug. 3 was 1,488 cases, while there were