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  • Mehdi Abdesmad waits and hopes for his name to get called at NFL Draft

    Special to Yahoo! Canada Sports at 55 Yard Line1 day ago

    By Jamie Thomas

    Mehdi Abdesmad is waiting to find out if he will keep playing football south of the border and that answer could come as early as Thursday night.

    Abdesmad is hoping his name is called at the NFL draft in Chicago. If you ask his coach at Boston College about that, it’s a no-brainer.

    “He’s a really hard guy to block whether you are pass blocking him or run blocking him, he’s so long and he can get extension on ya,” explained Steve Addazio. “It’s very hard to get any power into him. He’s a powerful guy but he’s got really good athleticism, he’s really, really long, so that means it’s hard to get into his body.”

    The crop of defensive linemen available this year is a deep one, led by Ohio State pass rusher Joey Bosa and Oregon lineman DeForest Buckner. Draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki says in his NFL Draft 2016 Preview that Abdesmad will not hear his name called over the three-day event but should be signed by a team as a priority free agent.

    “I don’t worry about stuff like rankings,” said Abdesmad, who has also been ranked No. 3 by the CFL Scouting Bureau for its draft. “I only worry about the things that I can control.”

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