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Nick Bromberg is the editor of From The Marbles, which is appropriate because his first words as a child were "Go car, go." A lifelong sports fan, Missouri alum and Kansas City lifer, Nick is all too familiar with losing and heartbreak. Nick is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist so if he isn't watching cars go in circles, he's likely at the gym.

  • Louisiana Tech signee accused of battery and armed robbery

    A member of Louisiana Tech's 2016 recruiting class has been arrested as part of an armed robbery investigation.

    According to Pine Bluff police, David Beasley is one of four people accused of an armed robbery that involved a shooting early Saturday morning. Beasley and the three others appeared in court on Monday and face a charge of aggravated robbery and a charge of first-degree battery. Both charges are felonies. One of the other men was also charged with possessing a firearm as a felon.

    From the Pine Bluff Commercial:

    According to the affidavit, the alleged victim told police he had met an acquaintance behind a store at University Drive and Collegiate Drive “to smoke a blunt” (a cigar with marijuana in it), and once he got there, the driver and passenger in another car, a black Dodge, tried to rob him.

    The alleged victim told police that the driver of the car pulled a gun on him and tried to force him into the vehicle. He said they took his money and a backpack before he was

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  • Brian France: Tone of Tony Stewart's remarks led to fine

    We have confirmation of the reasoning behind NASCAR's $35,000 fine of Tony Stewart.

    NASCAR CEO Brian France appeared on SiriusXM on Monday after the sanctioning body's decision to mandate teams fasten all lug nuts to wheels effective immediately. As you likely know by now, Stewart was fined $35,000 for his criticism of NASCAR's lug nut enforcement.

    And as you also likely know, NASCAR isn't changing its lug nut rules if Stewart doesn't make his comments. But while the sanctioning body ultimately believed Stewart had an incredibly valid point, it was unhappy with the way he expressed himself. From NBC Sports:

    “I think we have to make judgment calls and how we look at the tone of what someone says, how they’re saying it,’’ France said. “They have ample opportunities, particularly with safety, to deal with us directly on that. But to insinuate that we’re taking the sport down a road that doesn’t care about safety or we’re trying to hurt people, those kind of comments, that goes to the

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  • Report: 'No indication' Waco PD told Baylor about 2013 Oakman report

    Was Baylor notified by the Waco Police Department of a 2013 assault allegation against former defensive end Shawn Oakman?

    Per a Waco PD spokesperson to the Waco Tribune, there is "no indication" that the department told the school about a police report involving Oakman and the alleged victim. Oakman is accused of shoving a woman into walls and cabinets at her apartment in January of 2013.

    However, the spokesperson said that if the police told the university, it may not be logged in the incident report anyway. From the Tribune:

    Swanton said there is no indication that a Waco police officer notified any Baylor employee about the incident report. Swanton also said if an officer had contacted Baylor, it would not necessarily be included in the report. He said there is no requirement for Waco police to notify any Baylor employee when a student or student-athlete is named in any police report.

    “Some of the officers have different working relationships with some of the Baylor folks and

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  • Power Rankings: Some clarity as Carl Edwards stays No. 1

    1. Carl Edwards (LW: 1): After struggling to figure out who deserved the top spot last week, there's no such mental gymnastics needed this week. Edwards gets to stay at No. 1 after he knocked teammate Kyle Busch out of the way for the win at Richmond. While his move for the win has gotten a lot of attention, it's imperative to not forget what Edwards did in the closing laps of that race. He got in position to make the bump on Busch by pressing the issue every lap. He was trying different lines and driving styles to force Busch to push as hard as possible. And it eventually paid off.

    2. Kyle Busch (LW: 3): Busch has every right to be mad after what happened. No one likes losing a race, and no one likes getting knocked out of the way to lose a race. But there's a difference between being unhappy and being angry/compelled to retaliate, and what Edwards did to Busch falls in the unhappy category. And if you're unhappy about the finish -- and you aren't a Kyle Busch fan -- what the hell is

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  • New Mexico TE Michael Walsh arrested for DWI

    New Mexico tight end Michael Walsh was arrested over the weekend on a charge of aggravated DWI.

    Per the Albuquerque Journal, Walsh was arrested Saturday night and additionally cited for not having his registration, no proof of insurance and for blocking traffic.

    According to police, Walsh was approached after the white Ford SUV he was driving sat through multiple light cycles at the I-40/Juan Tabo exit ramp. He was found asleep or unconscious in the driver’s seat, police said. Upon awakening, he exhibited a strong smell of alcohol and acknowledged he had been drinking.

    Walsh originally refused a breathalyzer test, according to the complaint, but later provided two samples at or above twice the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.

    [Check out Dr. Saturday on Tumblr for entertaining things you won’t see on the blog]

    He was released Sunday morning. New Mexico coach Bob Davie told the Journal that the school was in the process of gathering information "But there will be some

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  • NASCAR changes lug nut rule less than week after Stewart's criticism

    NASCAR is changing its lug nut rule. And Tony Stewart is still fined $35,000.

    The sanctioning body issued a rules release Monday telling all teams that all five lug nuts must be fastened to each wheel effective with the weekend's Xfinity and Sprint Cup Series races at Talladega.

    Stewart said Wednesday that he was mad NASCAR stopped officiating the rule before the 2015 season and that a driver was going to get hurt because of a loose wheel causing an accident.

    The sanctioning body fined him $35,000 on Thursday and then said Friday it would be re-evaluating the rule after public concerns had been raised. Other drivers, including Greg Biffle and Dale Earnhardt Jr. had voiced their opinions about the rule before Stewart's comments.

    However, it's not re-evaluating Stewart's fine. It still stands. The Drivers Council followed NASCAR's penalty announcement Thursday evening with a statement that said it would be chipping in to pay for Stewart's fine.

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  • Richmond quick takeaways: Was that the best race of the season?

    RICHMOND, Virginia – Throughout 2016 we may have way too many quick thoughts for our post-race posts. So consider our Takeaways feature to be the home of our random and sometimes intelligent musings. Sometimes the post may have a theme. Sometimes it may just be a mess of unrelated thoughts. Make sure you tweet us your thoughts after the race or email your post-race rants via the link in the signature line below.

    • Was Sunday's race at Richmond the best of the season? We're thinking, at least in the hours after the race, that it was.

    The track opened up and had multiple grooves in the corners. Tire fall off was substantial and drivers who were conservative with their tires at the beginning could make up time at the end. Oh, and there was that bump and run finish that Carl Edwards pulled off at the end to get the win. That certainly didn't hurt how we rank the race.

    Though we did wonder what the race would have been like if there was more separation

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  • Tony Stewart finishes 19th in first race of 2016

    Richmond, Virginia – Tony Stewart sure had a lot of fun for a driver who missed out on the top 10.

    Stewart made his first start of 2016 on Sunday and cracked the top 20 over the final run of the race with a car that, frankly, could have finished in the top 15 if not the top 10. Instead, he finished 19th after getting back on the lead lap during the race's next-to-last caution period of the day.

    "This place is so cool anyway," Stewart said. "It’s always been my favorite race track. Like we predicted, a day race we’d be all over the race track. That’s what made it fun. The drivers got to dictate it today as far as – You weren’t just stuck in one line. You had the ability to move around and change lines. We got in a spot there with a group of five cars racing for position once and it was fun because the five of us totally ran the track totally different."

    Stewart had missed the first eight races of the season after suffering a fractured vertebra in a

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  • Carl Edwards bumps Kyle Busch out of the way for Richmond win

    RICHMOND, Virginia – Joe Gibbs Racing is proving that there are no team orders at the end of races as Carl Edwards bumped teammate Kyle Busch out of the way in turns 3 and 4 on the final lap of Sunday's race at Richmond for his second consecutive win of 2016.

    Edwards had the best car over a long run during Sunday's race. Busch had one of the best cars over a short run, especially towards the end of the race. And the 37-lap run to the finish provided the perfect petri dish to see which car could take over.

    With five laps to go, Busch looked like he was going to take the win. While Edwards could get close to him, he didn't look capable of getting close enough to attempt or complete a pass. Heck, the same thing could be said with two laps to go.

    But Edwards found some speed Busch didn't have on the final lap. He closed the gap completely in turns 1 and 2 and was on Busch's bumper down the backstretch. As the two entered the final corners, Edwards nudged him hard enough to move Busch out

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  • Tony Stewart considers his fine payment 'well-invested'

    RICHMOND, Virginia – Tony Stewart doesn't seem too deterred by the $35,000 fine NASCAR levied against him on Thursday.

    Stewart, who was interviewed at his car before Sunday's race by Fox Sports 1, said he considered his fine for (likely) speaking out against NASCAR's lug nut rules "well-invested. Via NBC Sports:

    “I understand what NASCAR is trying to do but I’m always going to speak my mind,” the three-time champion told Fox Sports before Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway. “And I don’t know what the key word or key phrase was that got me fined, but when it comes to safety, I’m not going to hold back. That’s $35,000 well invested if it makes it safer for these guys.”

    NASCAR didn't specify what Stewart's fine was for, but given his public comments during the week involved lug nut rules and his return to the Sprint Cup Series, we can safely assume what topic got Stewart in trouble.

    The Drivers Council, which Stewart is a member of, said it would step up and pay

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