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Kelly Dwyer is the editor of Ball Don't Lie. He has written for various websites about the NBA since 1997, he lives in Indiana with his wife, two children, three cats, and yes, Kelly Dwyer is a "he."

  • In a possible NBA Finals preview, Atlanta downs Golden State at home

    If it felt like the first game of an NBA Finals, it’s because statistically this is about as obvious as NBA Finals previews pitched in the regular season tend to come. No two NBA teams in league history have met this late in the regular season with single-digit loss totals to their credit, as the West-leading Golden State Warriors and East-dominating Atlanta Hawks put on a Friday night show that deserved exposure that went far beyond the local viewers that were tuning in, and the League Pass-flaunting NBA obsessives who stayed home to tune in on what could have been a night out.

    Atlanta downed Golden State by a 124-116 score that perfectly summed up the back and forth. The Warriors, working on the road, were game in their competitive spirit but unable to close the gap, while the Hawks paired precision and timely defense (despite those 116 points from GSW) on their way to an impressive win. The fact that both teams emerged from this contest still boasting single-digit losses on the

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  • We're pretty sure George Karl wants to coach the Orlando Magic

    On Thursday, Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn was fired by the team. His dismissal left an untested interim head coach in place and a rather thin assistant coaching staff on the bench as the Magic begin to try and turn around their disappointing season. All while general manager Rob Hennigan rightfully refused to full commit to interim coach James Borrego past his current “day-to-day” status.

    Following the end of the 2013-14 season, former Cavaliers, Warriors, SuperSonics, Bucks and Denver Nuggets coach George Karl stopped receiving income from his former Nuggets squad; the franchise that parted ways with him in the summer of 2013.

    Karl, at age 63, still wants to coach.

    George Karl has a Twitter account.

    You can see where this is going.

    Don’t do this, George.

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  • Kevin Durant has played absolutely brilliant basketball so far this season. Stretched out over the course of an entire campaign, his sorts of contributions would easily put him in the race for All-NBA honors, a second consecutive MVP award, and less importantly but no less appreciated: A well-deserved All-Star berth.

    Durant hasn’t played as much as he’d like to, this season, because of a pair of worrying foot and toe ailments. Kevin will return on Friday as his Oklahoma City Thunder take on the New Orleans Pelicans, but that appearance will mark just the 23rd appearance in OKC’s 50-game season thus far. On top of that, the team’s coaching staff has intelligently held Durant back during games out of fears that he could re-injure either his foot or toe. Entering the Pelicans game, the 2014 NBA MVP has averaged just 33 minutes a contest, down about five and a half from last season.

    Possibly mindful of this, NBA fans did not vote Durant into the starting lineup in the All-Star Game. The

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  • Adam Silver says the NBA has 'to make a change' to its playoff format

    NBA commissioner Adam Silver has picked a good season to go on record about restructuring the NBA’s playoff bracket.

    In his first full year running the show, Silver is addressing what is now turning into a Conference imbalance that has droned on for over a decade and a half. The Western Conference is clearly better than the Eastern version. It hardly matters if an eventual NBA Finals between representatives from each conference turns out to be a competitive one, because deserving playoff squads are being cut from the postseason rotation out West while mediocre or worse Eastern squads are being handed playoff dates.

    In years past, opponents of such restructuring (such as your humble, misguided author) could point to the cyclical nature of conference inbalances dating back through the NBA’s long history, or the tough travel that would result with either the abolishment of conferences or the allowance of letting the 16 best teams into the playoffs regardless of conference affiliation.

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  • Even with his season over, Kobe Bryant remains ubiquitous.

    We wouldn’t expect Bryant to take his aching, surgically-repaired shoulder all the way out to Milwaukee in the dead of winter to sit on the bench and watch his Lakers lose to a wily Bucks squad just because his coach decided to let O.J. Mayo have a clean look at a game-tying jumper. There’s no reason for Bryant to travel with the team as it wastes away its season, especially with an invite to join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles waiting on the kitchen table.

    Fallon and Bryant regaled the Tonight Show audience with a story about how an underage Bryant and unknown Fallon were charged with making a beer run in 1996, only to be denied not because of Kobe’s age, but because the Los Angeles neophytes went to a delivery-only liquor store. Here’s the clip:

    A few things …

    This probably didn’t happen in 1996, as Fallon states, as Kobe wasn’t in his second season with the Lakers that year as Bryant states. Kobe also

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  • The Orlando Magic have fired Jacque Vaughn, which makes sense

    If you’re having a hard time getting a read on the Orlando Magic, understand that you’re not alone.

    The team likes to run, we think, but it also seems to want to encourage a snail’s pace at times offensively. The squad was created to work as an athletic defensive juggernaut, but they also make critical errors on that end of the court while signing veteran free agents that absolutely do not play defense. For those of us that are charged with watching their games, the group appears to be attacking opponents with a new scheme both offensively and defensively far too often for any cohesion to develop. If a revamp didn’t take place every other game, then it was at least something close to it.

    This is why word leaked last week that coach Jacque Vaughn’s time in Orlando was up. This is also why Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Thursday that Vaughn has been fired by the Magic. The report was filed a good half-hour before Magic officials met with their players to tell them the news.

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  • It’s pretty clear that Denver Nuggets head coach has had a hard time getting through to his players this season. The struggling team is 19-31, it has lost 11 of 12, and Shaw has openly admitted that he thinks his players are playing to lose.

    As a result, Shaw is falling back on old, well-worn tactics to get through to the players he’s charged with leading. We’re just going to leave this aside from the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett right here:

    He said he’s been trying everything to get his players motivated through a series of injuries and the trading of starting center Timofey Mozgov for draft picks (sound familiar?).

    Shaw even admitted to rapping a pregame personnel report. Seriously.

    Rapping. Rap-rap-rapping.

    You’ll recall that Shaw has some experience in the genre

    … but if the Nuggets’ current woes are any indication, this certainly wasn’t a mic drop moment.

    - - - - - - -

    Kelly Dwyer is an editor for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at

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  • Byron Scott says Jason Kidd 'was kind of known for being an a—hole'

    The 2003-04 New Jersey Nets, under head coach Byron Scott, were an odd team to watch. The squad was coming off of its second consecutive one-sided Finals loss the season before – but hey, a Finals trip is a Finals trip, right? Out of nowhere the group was seemingly gifted a borderline All-Star center as Alonzo Mourning emerged from a kidney transplant scare to return from retirement as a free agent score for New Jersey, and star guard Jason Kidd was working in his prime.

    The team seemed to sleep through the first part of the season, however, rarely playing with the same all-out style that marked its previous two Finals runs. With the Nets sitting at a disappointing 22-20, general manager Rod Thorn decided to pull the plug on coach Scott in spite of his success with the team in 2002 and 2003, hiring then-unheralded assistant coach Lawrence Frank as a replacement.

    Rumors abounded that Kidd, who re-signed as a free agent the previous summer with New Jersey, was the driving force behind

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  • The Houston Rockets can survive Dwight Howard's injury, but can Dwight?

    How you look at Dwight Howard’s worrying absence from his Houston Rockets should fall in line with how you typically refer to that proverbial glass either half-full of water or half-empty with worthless, trachea-scratching air. There is a very good chance that the Rockets can weather Howard’s time on the shelf, and resume their impressive ascension into the West’s sturdy list of championship contenders.

    There’s also a very good chance that the Dwight Howard that we knew and tolerated and sometimes loved will never suit up to play as he did in a peak that looks ever so far away right now.

    First, the details:

    These sorts of injections are usually administered to patients suffering from a lack of cartilage and the requisite bone-on-bone pain that follows. In years past, some NBA players have submitted to a

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  • The Denver Nuggets rose to greet their Tuesday with some of the best NBA news of all – a game against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers was scheduled for that night!

    That good cheer turned to dread almost immediately as the tanking Sixers raced out to an early lead on their way to a 105-98 victory over Denver, the Nuggets' tenth loss in 11 tries. Following that embarrassing loss, the dread likely turned into something even worse as scores of reporters will no doubt ask the players about the most recent comments made by head coach Brian Shaw about the team’s sluggish play.

    Shaw has been on his team, and rightfully so, all season for poor defensive play and an overall sense of apathy, but he saved his harshest comments for a post (90 minute) practice and (30 minute) meeting with his players following their embarrassing 22-point Saturday night home loss to an injured Charlotte Hornets team.

    The first sentence in this block quote is from Nick Groke of the Denver Post, but you get the feeling

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