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Kelly Dwyer is the editor of Ball Don't Lie. He has written for various websites about the NBA since 1997, he lives in Indiana with his wife, two children, three cats, and yes, Kelly Dwyer is a "he."

  • Bradley Beal did not have his flashiest game on Wednesday. He primarily stayed in the background as his Washington Wizards took on the Orlando Magic, watching as John Wall (21 points, 11 assists) continued his fantastic season, stepping aside while Nene (12 points off the pine) attempted to find his sea legs after a game spent resting on the bench.

    With less than a second left in the team’s contest with the Magic, however, Wizards coach Randy Wittman went right to his young scoring guard with a killer guard around screen that ended Orlando’s attempts to send the game into overtime. Watch:

    Wittman, to be kind, is not known for drawing up the sorts of efficient plays that tend to dominate the modern NBA’s best team’s playbook. With that in place, this was a fantastic call and the Wizards will remain tied with the Atlanta Hawks for the Eastern Conference’s second-best record. The 15-6 Wizards are rolling, while the rebuilding Magic lost out on a chance to perhaps tie Brooklyn for the

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  • At some point, when discussing the woes of the New York Knicks, you feel as if you’re piling on. New York isn’t the only terrible team out there right now, but they do feel like the NBA’s biggest disappointment in the squad’s current state. Even if most only expected the Knicks to approach .500 this season.

    Most also only expected the play of Carmelo Anthony to drop off toward the end of the five-year, $124 million contract he signed last summer, but that was the expected price to pay for the right to employ Anthony through his prime – presumed to be the next couple of years. Anthony has faltered this season, both because of his team’s miserable offensive play and injuries; first a shoulder malady, and now a lingering knee issue.

    With Anthony’s Knicks stuck at 4-19, tied with Detroit for the most losses in the terrible Eastern Conference, Anthony may decide to scale it back a bit. He may decide to interrupt his season in order to undergo surgery on that troubled left knee.

    From Frank

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  • The Brooklyn Nets are a mess that will be nearly impossible to clean up

    Predictably, on Tuesday, word leaked that the Brooklyn Nets wanted to re-arrange their roster. Nothing’s imminent, of course, and the team isn’t looking to move into a rebuilding process, they just don’t like what they have. The Nets want to be a very good basketball team, a step up from the quite average (at best) basketball team they currently are, and they wouldn’t mind it if you’d help them out in that regard. Dealing Andrei Kirilenko for straight payroll relief just isn’t enough.

    “Please take our players in exchange for your better players, via a trade that somehow works under the NBA’s salary cap rules.” It’s a lovely concept, if some other team or three would submit to it. ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ohm Youngmisuk tossed the first lob out:

    The Brooklyn Nets have begun reaching out to teams to let them know that former All-Stars Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson are available via trade, has learned.

    League sources told that the Nets, off to a

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  • The 10-man rotation, starring Gregg Popovich; Greek philosopher

    A look around the league and the web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

    C: In a fantastically penned personal blog, San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Ettore Messina compares Gregg Popovich to the sort of sophists that help shape Western philosophy.
    PF: SBNation. John Wall has been absolutely brilliant this season, reminding all of us that Colin Cowherd, once again, is a complete and utter doofus.
    SF: Pro Basketball Talk. Why Blake Griffin’s fantastic game-winning shot from Monday evening may mask some deeper, more frustrating Los Angeles Clipper problems.
    SG: ESPN. Speaking of Clipper problems, how much are we trusting the check and balance system that Doc Rivers lords over in Los Angeles?
    PG: On Giannis Antetokounmpo, who still has a long way to go in spite of all of his gorgeous highlights.
    6th: Grantland. On Jason

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  • Most NBA observers had flipped away from the Washington Wizards/Boston Celtics game on Monday evening, well before it was over. The Wizards, working at home with a team that hopes to contend for a conference championship this season, led by 23 points partway through the third quarter. Boston? They’re not so good to begin with, and they’ve been miserable at closing out contests this season, so there truly was no reason to think the C’s could outscore Washington by 23 points in the game’s final 17 minutes and end regulation with a tie.

    That’s what the Celtics did, though. They came back and tied the darn thing and then they tied the Wizards again in overtime before eventually falling to Washington in double overtime.

    And Rajon Rondo watched every second of that comeback from the bench. And he seemed completely fine with as much. Not because Rondo is a lazy sod, but because he understands how this game works. From Jay King at

    "I'm very competitive," [Rondo] said. "I wanted

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  • LeBron violates royal protocol, puts arm around Kate Middleton during photo

    As part of a holiday and also in support of the NBA Cares initiative, Prince William and Kate Middleton took in a Brooklyn Nets-Cleveland Cavaliers contest on Tuesday night, sitting alongside unofficial NBA ambassador Dikembe Mutombo. The royals sat courtside as the Cavaliers broke a tie game in the third quarter and ran away with a lopsided 110-81 score.

    Following the contest,  LeBron James was kind enough to pose for a photo opportunity with Prince William and Kate, but he appeared to break a protocol that even the most ardent stateside royal admirers might still be unaware of.

    That’s right, shock and horror! LeBron James put his arm around Kate Middleton!

    (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)James was handing the couple Cavaliers jerseys in the hours between the least-loved NBA trip out there – a back-to-back scheduling that results in a late night trip through customs to Toronto. A photo op with the royal couple is clearly worth his time, though, with the Cavaliers supplying a “Cambridge” jersey for the former Miss

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  • Not only are the Golden State Warriors winning – the team’s 17-2 is the best mark in the NBA currently – but they’re also winning with aplomb. This is a wickedly entertaining bunch to watch, they boast the NBA’s best defense and a fantastic offense filled with all manner of cutting, dishing and swishing.

    Because the team is winning so much, the squad at one point adopted a victory cigar-styled theme song of sorts to blare and sing along to after each win. The song was O.T. Genasis's "CoCo,” which features a video that we can’t quite embed on this page because of its very NSFW nature.

    The Dubs, led by resurgent forward Marreese Speights, loved posting videos of his teammates singing along to the cheerful ditty.

    We’ve seen the last of those, apparently, because somebody somewhere got to the Warriors to tell them, “hey, you should really stop singing that song about cocaine on the team plane and then uploading videos of you singing that song about cocaine on the team plane to the

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  • The Knicks and Lakers stink; NBA doesn't seem to mind

    The NBA is thriving. Interest is high. Ratings are high. Intrigue is out there, despite the league working in just the second month of its season, and the incoming new television deal will only make the rich even richer. Outfits in Golden State, Memphis, and Toronto have busted out of nowhere to turn into championship contenders, while the favorites in Oklahoma City, Chicago and Cleveland bide their time until their particular ball starts really rolling. The NBA is in a good place.

    The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are not in a good place, and this doesn’t seem to bother the NBA or its fans one bit.

    This isn’t meant to pile on the respective Knick and Laker fanbases, but the long-ago established idea that you need a powerhouse in either New York or Los Angeles to support a thriving league is being shot to bits. The Knicks are off to the worst start in franchise history, working with as many losses (18) as the tanking Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers could have the NBA’s worst

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  • Andre Drummond snaps photo driving 26 MPH over speed limit

    If you want to re-route some misplaced anger toward an NBA player today, Andre Drummond should be your guy.

    The Detroit Pistons center not only Snapchatted a picture while driving on Saturday, completely stupid and reckless to begin with, but the photo he picked showed him driving 96 and soon to be 97 miles per hour on a highway with a 70 mile an hour speed limit. Drummond even decided to add text and an emoji to his post – again, while driving – and the photo even reveals that Drummond wasn’t even wearing a seat belt at the time.

    Again, incredibly, incredibly stupid. From Reddit:

    (Courtesy Reddit and Snapchat)(Courtesy Reddit and Snapchat)

    Do we really have to get into how dumb this is? Well, judging by just some of my interactions on the road on Monday, yes.

    Don’t use your phone while you drive. You’re not good at it. You think you are, because you haven’t gotten into a wreck yet, but you’re not good at it.

    This isn’t just aimed at people Drummond’s age, or younger. I’m talking to you, bank teller and mother of two. I’m talking to you,

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  • For decades, NBA owners have spoken at local banquets, charity functions or business-driven get-togethers and spoken freely about their teams behind a microphone. Rarely did their words get picked up by the press, though, because nobody really cared much about what Irv Levin said about the San Diego Clippers at some taffeta-rich function in 1981.

    Times have changed, and, as a result, one rarely hears an owner going all out in candidly discussing various executive decisions made about their respective franchises in public and especially on record. The Golden State Warriors made one massive executive decision last summer, dumping a 50-win coach in Mark Jackson who was fully supported by his players in order to hire Steve Kerr with a five-year deal. Kerr had yet to coach at any level, and Jackson had enjoyed significant standings success with the Warriors on top of the sturdy relationships he had built with his players.

    It should have been a baffling move. Instead, it was widely praised

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