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Kelly Dwyer is the editor of Ball Don't Lie. He has written for various websites about the NBA since 1997, he lives in Indiana with his wife, two children, three cats, and yes, Kelly Dwyer is a "he."

  • The Washington Wizards aren’t just trying to extend their season on Thursday evening; the squad will also be attempting to develop some sort of carryover into 2014-15. There are players playing for paychecks, coaches working to set up residence, a general manager attempting to prove that his way of team-building was the right way.

    The Pacers? They just want this to go away.

    Indiana was created to end Miami’s run of championships. It was designed to topple the Heat, with arms outstretched, and it has flailed away in its repeated attempts to earn a shot at its fiercest rival. The Pacers were basically a .500 team down the final stretch of the regular season, it needed seven games to dispatch a sub-.500 team in the first round of the playoffs, and all typical signs would point to Indiana needing a Game 7 on its home floor to down the Wizards.

    That’s assuming the Wizards can stretch things out. The team is 1-3 at home during the postseason, and the squad strangely lost just as many games

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  • The Golden State Warriors? Gone till November

    With every season that ends, for the playoff teams at least, we felt it right to take a look ahead. TNT already has the rights to "Gone Fishin'," and because we're sure someone, somewhere, still likes that Wyclef song, we're going with "Gone Till November." And, yes, we know the season starts in October. Today? The Golden State Warriors.

    So, the Warriors have made their big sale – Joe Lacob thankfully took the team out of former owner Chris Cohen’s clutches and ended Don Nelson’s run in the Bay Area. The team made its big draft, grabbing hybrid guard Stephen Curry in 2009, securing a player that could go down as the best shooter in NBA history. It made its big trade, dealing for Andrew Bogut at the 2012 trade deadline, anchoring a defensive-minded center to have everyone’s back. And it made a big free agent move, working its way toward acquiring Andre Iguodala in 2013 in exchange for a litany of draft picks and expiring contracts.

    Now the franchise has made its final big move. Steve

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  • The Brooklyn Nets? Gone till November.

    With every season that ends, for the playoff teams at least, we felt it right to take a look ahead. TNT already has the rights to "Gone Fishin'," and because we're sure that someone, somewhere, still likes that Wyclef song, we're going with "Gone Till November." And, yes, we know the season starts in October. Today? The Brooklyn Nets.

    One has to hope that the Brooklyn Nets got what they wanted out of 2013-14, because this has to be it. Right? It’s gotta be all downhill from here, for this veteran crew.

    The team was ousted in the second round of the playoffs on Wednesday, losing to the Heat by a 4-1 mark after taking all four contests from Miami during the regular season. Each of Brooklyn’s four losses in the Eastern Conference semifinals was quite winnable, especially for a team full of shooters known for their late-game heroics, but that was also the case for several of Brooklyn’s wins in its first-round series against Toronto. In all, after 12 postseason games, the Nets played both

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  • The Miami Heat flipped the switch. When you’re the two-time defending NBA champions, you’re allowed to.

    After a Game 3 that Miami let slip away and a Game 4 that felt too close for comfort, the Heat gathered itself late in Wednesday’s Game 5 at home, clamping down defensively and finding Brooklyn’s weak spots on the other end in order to secure a 96-94 win. The conquest ended Miami’s Eastern Conference semifinals series with the Nets with the champs taking four games in five tries, with LeBron James once again acting as the catalyst on either side of the ball.

    James scored 29 points in the win, but it was his defense on Nets All-Star Joe Johnson that helped the Heat come back from what was an eight-point fourth quarter deficit. Johnson had previously gone on an 8-of-9 run from the floor in the second half, but LeBron’s tight late-game perimeter defense helped force Johnson into several bad looks and one crucial turnover in the fourth quarter’s final minutes.

    James had been treating

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  • INDIANAPOLIS – Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman was more than aware of his team’s third-quarter woes heading into a win-or-go-home Game 5 against Indiana on Tuesday. His response was to deny his young team recess during halftime, sending the squad out with 10 minutes to go in the 16-minute playoff halftime break to run drills, rather than letting his potentially nervous squad get its rest.

    The result was a 31-14 Washington run in the third quarter, and eventual 102-79 win over Indiana, keeping the team’s season alive in the second round and ensuring the Wizards would live on to play a Game 6 at home against a Pacers team that was expected to contend for a championship this season.

    The Wizards played like your typical cornered animal, staying aggressive while taking chances on both ends – chances that weren’t taken when the team seemed to shrivel a bit while technically working ahead of the favored Pacers in Washington during losses in Games 3 and Game 4. The Wizards still made a

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  • All it took was a pair of extra passes and the expert placement and touch of Chris Bosh in the final seconds of Miami’s Game 4 win to remind us that, yes, even LeBron James needs a little help from time to time, and that this remains a team game.

    That isn’t to say LeBron James was ball-hogging his way around the court on Monday night, far from it. But it was Bosh who put the Heat over the top with a dagger 3-pointer in the final minute of Miami’s Game 4 win over Brooklyn, pinning down the Nets 3-1 in their Eastern Conference semifinals matchup. James managed 49 points in the win, tying his playoff career high and setting a Heat playoff record, but it was his hockey assist that gave the Heat the stranglehold in both the game and the series.

    Take a look:

    As you can see above, with the Heat and Nets tied at 94 with just 75 seconds to go, James drove to the rim and was met by domineering Brooklyn big man Kevin Garnett, who had just chased Dwyane Wade into a turnover after a drive a minute

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  • Last month, published audio tapes revealed Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling as chiding his girlfriend V. Stiviano for “associating” with minorities, publishing pictures taken with African-Americans on her Instagram account and potentially bringing them to games at the Staples Center. Days later, Sterling was banned for life by the NBA, which utilized a clause in its constitution that allows the league to force an owner to sell -- a clause Sterling had no problem approving several times over until he was caught on tape saying what he now says are “foolish” things for which he is now asking forgiveness for.

    We think. Monday’s interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper did little to dismiss the image of Donald Sterling as someone the NBA needs to force out, sooner rather than later. In particular, his thoughts on former Lakers All-Star, coach, owner and current Los Angeles Dodgers owner Magic Johnson will reverberate the most. Johnson was the subject of Sterling’s initial

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  • Nets fight back, hand Heat first loss in 2014 NBA playoffs

    Apparently, the Miami Heat decided they earned a night off.

    This isn’t to dismiss their performance in a 104-90 Game 3 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, nor their competitive fire or the squad’s earnestness as it attempts to win a third straight NBA championship ring. It just means after three weeks of all-out mindful basketball against both Charlotte and Brooklyn, the Heat were a little up against it. This isn’t to take away from the Nets’ first win in this Eastern Conference semifinal series, but the defending champs let this one get away from them.

    These things tend to happen, in the four years since LeBron James decided he’d take his talents to South Beach. All the drains that have hit LeBron and his cohorts since that televised move – a Finals loss, the NBA locking out its players, two championships, an Olympics run, another potential trip to the NBA’s final round – have given observers confidence in their assertions and James’ group the ability to take nights off.

    Even if things get

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  • The 10-man rotation, starring 'Bullets Fever'

    A look around the league and the web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

    C: Washington Business School. Talking with E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren, who penned the 1978 classic “Bullets Fever.”
    PF: Grantland. Jonathan Abrams’ terrific oral history of the 2002 Western Conference finals, which you’ve likely already read. Read it again.
    SF: Bleacher Report. Craig Sager discusses his ongoing fight with leukemia. Hurry back, Craig. This isn’t the same without you.
    SG: SB Nation. Paul Flannery tactfully discusses the “lifetime achievement awards” rightfully given to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and San Antonio executive R.C. Buford.
    PG: Miami Herald. Catching up with Greg Oden and Michael Beasley, who have played just two minutes combined in this year’s postseason.
    6th: TrueHoop. Discussing Roy Hibbert’s rim protection as it pertains to the Wizards.

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  • Andrew Bynum was released by the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, a move that seems typical of Bynum’s recent career arc, but one in which its placement (on a game day, with the Pacers fighting to tie up their second round series on Wednesday evening) made it all the more curious. The Pacers picked Bynum up midseason after he was traded from Cleveland and cut from the Chicago Bulls, hoping to shore up their frontcourt with the former All-Star, thinking that he could provide scoring depth off the bench in reserve of All-Star center Roy Hibbert.

    Things didn’t exactly turn out well for the player or team. And now we’ve learned that the Pacers, in such a rush to sign Bynum last winter, did not even require the oft-injured center to take a physical before joining his fifth team in one and a half years. From Candace Buckner at the Indianapolis Star:

    The Pacers, who did not administer a physical to Bynum until after he signed the contract, had initially entered this relationship with high hopes.

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