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  • Jaden Schwartz changes number from 9 to 17 in memory of sister Mandi

    The St. Louis Blues were none too happy about Vladimir Sobotka's decision to bolt for the KHL on Thursday. They responded by re-signing Steve Ott, who wasn't very good for them, but hey, they needed somebody.

    But while the Blues were annoyed, one of their players saw the silver lining immediately. With Sobotka's no. 17 now up for grabs, left wing Jaden Schwartz snagged it for a very special reason.

    It's the number his older sister, Mandi, wore for the Yale University women's team before she lost her two-and-a-half year battle with acute myeloid leukemia. On Friday, Jaden let his fans know that his no. 9 jersey would become a thing of the past:


    It's yet another way Mandi's legacy is being honored.

    Since her diagnosis in 2008, Yale has held an annual bone marrow drive, adding about 4,000 people to the 

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  • Bryan Berard wants $18 million from insurance company that handled his eye injury

    Bryan Berard is leading a very interesting retirement. First, there was his turn on Battle of the Blades (he deserved to win, dammit). Then there was his adventure as a private eye, where he helped bring down two con men that swindled millions from retired NHLers

    Now, speaking of eyes, Berard's right one continues to be a problem, and he's locked in a legal battle with the insurance company that paid him millions after the retinal tear and detached retina he suffered during his playing days.

    Berard was clipped by the stick of Marian Hossa during a game between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2000. It was initially feared that his playing days were over, and he received a $6 million insurance settlement from Standard Security Life the following year.

    He didn't give up on returning to hockey, however, and after seven surgeries, he was fitted with a special contact lens that allowed him to meet the league's minimum vision requirement. He signed a tryout contract with

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  • Ryan O'Reilly, Avalanche, done negotiating extension, headed for arbitration (Report)

    Ryan O'Reilly's club-elected salary arbitration hearing is scheduled for July 23, which is still two weeks away. That means there's plenty of time for the Avalanche and their gentlemanly center to reach an agreement, and thus avoid the nastiness of a hearing.

    It seems unlikely that this is going to happen, however. According to the Denver Post, per a source, O'Reilly and the Avalanche are already done negotiating. He's headed to arbitration.

    From Adrian Dater:

    What it means is this: O'Reilly will have the terms of his next contract dictated by an arbitrator, who will present the 23-year-old forward with the choice of either a one-year or two-year binding contract, and O'Reilly will have to decide one or the other.

    An arbitrator cannot award O'Reilly anything less than 85 percent of his base salary of $6.5 million last season. That guarantees O'Reilly at least a $5.525 million salary with the Avs for 2014-15.

    There's a short-term win for the Avalanche here. By taking O'Reilly to

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  • An amateur hockey player in Chicago has been banned from Johnny's Ice House, the Chicago Blackhawks training facility, after an armed robbery.

    Tim O'Shea didn't commit the crime, nor was he the victim of the incident in which three other amateur hockey players were robbed at gunpoint by three men in the facility's parking garage, with one of the hockey players pistol-whipped before the trio of gunmen made off with their wallets and keys.

    What O'Shea did do was reach out to the facility to express concern once he'd heard what happened, to ask how Johnny's Ice House might try to improve safety in and around the building. The response was a standard one, for the most part, with GM Kevin Rosenquist telling him the robbery was being taken very seriously. But it ended with this little jab:

    "If you or your friends are questioning your association with the league due to safety concerns, then I would suggest perhaps the city is not for you and you should look into playing in the suburbs."


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  • Catching up with Marc Savard; no more offer sheets; Green to Red Wings? (Puck Headlines)

    Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

    • I love when people do this to their cars. Take a good look at The Hawk Mobile, which is tearing up the local parade scene in Chicago. [DNA Info]

    • Tomas Hertl tweaked his knee at Sharks' prospect camp, which is exactly what you don't want to hear for a guy that's already had some knee problems. [CSN Bay Area]

    • Jay Feaster on Marty St. Louis' departure from Tampa Bay: "It's a difficult thing. Because I appreciate the lifestyle choice. I just think it's tough when you handcuff your GM, only one place I want to go and I want to do it now as opposed to, 'Hey, let's see how far this run can go? I'm the captain of the team.' And from that perspective, if that's something that you had been thinking about, if you were thinking, 'I'm still (upset) at 2010 and I better get picked this time (for Team Canada), and I have

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  • Henrik Lundqvist up for 'King of Swag' at Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards

    Henrik Lundqvist earned the "King Henrik" nickname during his rookie season with the New York Rangers, when his dominant play led fans and media to adopt the moniker. Shortly after that, he seized the throne in a bloody coup, then placed the heads of his enemies and all those who opposed his rule on stakes outside of Madison Square Garden. That sealed it. He was King Henrik.

    But what, exactly, is he the king of?

    New York doesn't have a king, and they won't until the unknown event that triggers the apocalypse and turns it into a wasteland. And even then, their ruler might turn out to only be a Duke, like in Escape From New York. So it's not the big apple.

    It's not Sweden, either. They have a different king. His name is Carl.

    Alas, the kingdom of King Henrik has been a great mystery to all for years now. But Nickelodeon believes it has solved it: voting is now open for the all-important 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards, and Henrik Lundqvist is nominated for "King of Swag".

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  • Presenting the Puck Daddy all-compliance buyout team

    It's the fourth of July, the day Americans celebrate freedom. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech, which includes our comments section. And today, for our purposes, freedom from bad contracts.

    When the NHL lockout ended two years ago (thanks to me, and this video), the cap dropped, necessitating the shedding of a handful of poor contracts signed before the stoppage. Now, mormally, buyouts count against the cap, but Gary Bettman took pity on his teams, and gave each club two buyouts that wouldn't. 

    Of the 60 possible amnesty buyouts, 28 were used, for a total of $176.9 million, although these numbers would have been way higher if teams were allowed to trade their unused buyouts to the Philadelphia Flyers. Or, in a much cooler twist, just exile all these players to a 31st team, which, for our purposes, we'll call The Las Vegas Compliance. Here is their sweater:

    The Las Vegas Compliance.The Las Vegas Compliance.

    And here is their roster. 


    Martin Havlat - Brad Richards - David Booth

    Ryan Malone - Mikhail

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  • Flames hand Deryk Engelland $8.7 million for reasons beyond human understanding

    Deryk Engelland is the newest member of the Calgary Flames, as the early stages of the Brian Burke era continue to be about the accumulation of truculence. Brian McGratton. Brandon Bollig. And now, three years of Deryk Engelland.

    At $2.9M. Per year.

    Trust us, we checked. When Bob McKenzie initially broke the deal, he gave no indication as to whether the number he cited was the total or the cap hit, but naturally, looking at what Engelland brings to the table -- he's a versatile guy who can play either defense or wing, but neither well -- and looking at what he made last year (about half a million), we just assumed he was making just shy of three million over the lifetime of the contract.

    Nope. 32-year-old depth defenseman Deryk Engelland will earn $8.7 million dollars in the next three years, because Brian Burke hasn't changed a bit. Somewhere, Mike Komisarek smiles and nods.

    One wonders if Burke's Doc Brown hair has begun to seep into his brain.

    It's not unlike the Jeff Finger

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  • Puck Daddy’s 2014 NHL Free Agent Frenzy Live Blog, Hour 3

    2:56 p.m. ET - The Martin Havlat signing in New Jersey reunited him with friend and fellow countryman Patrik Elias. "Hope he can be the player that he was and I believe I can help him do that," Elias said. The Czech guys really seem to stick together.

    2:41 p.m. ET - Zach Redmond signs in Colorado for two years at $750k a season. It's their biggest signing of the day!

    2:37 p.m. ET - It's been two and a half hours and $412 million has been handed out. Actually, make that $412.6 million, as Steve Bernier has re-signed with the Devils for $600k.

    2:32 p.m. ET - Anton Stralman signed a five-year, $22.5 M deal to join the Tampa Bay Lightning. With Hedman, Stralman, Garrison and Carle, the Lightning have a pretty nice top-four now. It's a great deal, especially juxtaposed with that awful Orpik deal. For the same term, the Lightning got Stralman for $5M less.

    2:27 p.m. ET - Jiri Tlusty has re-signed with the Carolina Hurricanes for one year at $2.95M.

    2:24 p.m. ET - Jarome Iginla signs with the

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  • Puck Daddy’s 2014 NHL Free Agent Frenzy Live Blog, Hour 2

    1:49 p.m. ET - Tanner Glass's new contract with the New York Rangers will pay him $1.45M a year for the next three. That's a bad deal for a replacement-level player, but I played Scrabble with Tanner Glass once and he's nice, so good for him. Glass will slot in alongside Dominic Moore on the fourth line, as Moore has also recided to remain in New York at $1.5M over two.

    1:48 p.m. ET - Stephane Robidas signs with the Leafs, who have been stocking up on right-side defensemen this offseason. It's a three-year, $9 million deal.

    1:41 p.m. ET - The Thomas Vanek sweepstakes are over, and after all that, he signs, shockingly, stunningly, exactly where everyone thought he would sign. The winger is headed to Minnesota, to rejoin his buddy Jason Pominville for the next three years. He'll make $6.5 million per year. That's a reasonable signing for the Wild. It's probably too high, but it's not for too long, and according to Mike Russo, Vanek turned down more money and more term elsewhere.


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