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  • Heading back to Chicago trailing their first-round series with the St. Louis Blues two games to none, the Chicago Blackhawks were already in trouble. But now their uphill climb has gotten even steeper, as the long arm of the law has come down on Brent Seabrook for his nasty hit on David Backes in Game 2.

    Fittingly for this Easter Sunday, it will be three game days before Seabrook can rise again. Here's Patrick Burke to explain why:

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    Three games is a big suspension, but it seems justified, in this case.

    The argument in defense of Seabrook could be that he didn't know Backes had failed to gain control of the puck, but the Department doesn't seem convinced. "While it is possible," Burke says, "the onus is still on Seabrook to ensure that he does not hit an ineligible opponent."

    But he does, and he does so illegally, at that: "This is both interference and charging."

    It's never a good sign when there are two ways to approach the rationate for your suspension, and really, there are three.

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  • Nathan MacKinnon is going to win the Calder trophy. He stands alone as the NHL's best rookie, and one of the reasons for that is that he never really looked like one. Heading into the playoffs, you had to wonder if his first NHL postseason was the moment he started to look his age.  

    In the parlance of most kids his age: LOL nope. On Saturday, MacKinnon scored his first career NHL playoff goal, and my lord if it isn't an incredible piece of business.

    The NBA postseason kicked off Saturday, but I submit that you won't see finer playoff ankle breakage than this today. Unbelievable.

    You knew the Wild were in trouble the moment MacKinnon received this pass. The only guy near him was Mikko Koivu, and MacKinnon blows by him with ease, leaving him most of the neutral zone to pick up speed, because this is no longer Jacques Lemaire's Wild, and the middle of the ice is wiiiiiiide open. By the time he hits the Minnesota blueline, he's a flux capacitor away from going back to 1955.

    That's when

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  • It's been a nutty start to the NHL playoffs, as for the second straight day, the NHL has handed out a fine for a testicle-related incident.

    Just one day after Joel Quenneville was left reaching for his wallet for reaching just left of his wallet, Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins was dinged $5000 for dinging Danny DeKeyser with a stick to the de keysers during Friday night's series opener between Boston and Detroit. Here's another look:

    The league called it spearing. That seems generous.

    Lucic also defended his own honour by pointing to his relatively clean record, which is customary in Boston:

    The man has a point. He's only averaging one cheap, cowardly crotch shot every 2.3 years. If he has a 15-year career, he's only going to do this three or four more times. That's it. Seems like an honorable player to me.

    Lucic wasn't

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  • The Detroit Red Wings are making their 23rd consecutive appearance in the NHL playoffs, but that wasn't the only streak they kept alive by winning the second Wild Card spot. Also saved: Detroit rapper Baby G's run of annual hip hop playoff anthems.

    Back in 2011, the emcee released original cut "Throw Your Wings Up", and he's been re-releasing the track with roster updates every postseason since. On Friday, just prior to Game 1 between the Red Wings and Bruins, Baby G dropped version four, "Octopi 2014 edition", and in so doing, gave Detroit the early frontrunner for best hip hop fan anthem of the 2014 playoffs. 

    "We're going 23 consistent, 11 rings too, that's playoffs my whole existence, can't say the same for you." 

    This guy has never seen a Red Wings team that didn't make the playoffs. I'm probably not the only one seething with envy and spite right now.

    The Red Wings won Game 1 of their series, and while most would argue that it was Pavel Datsyuk who propelled them to victory, I

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  • Red Wings steal Game 1 thanks to Pavel Datsyuk's incredible game-winner (Video)

    The way goaltenders Jimmy Howard and Tuukka Rask were playing in Game 1 between Boston and Detroit, you knew it was going to take something special to break the scoreless tie. Fortunately, that's sort of where Pavel Datsyuk excels.

    The Red Wings stole Game 1 of series with a 1-0 win Friday, and the difference, as he often is, was the wizardly Datsyuk, who scored the game-winner on a dazzling, beautiful individual effort with just over three minutes remaining.


    I was going to go out tonight. I think I may just stay in with this goal.

    So much beauty here, and it begins at the moment that Datsyuk corrals this puck. The play begins with a truly terrible pass from Johan Franzen, who tries to flip it to Datsyuk to start the breakout and winds up losing it in traffic. 

    But no matter. Already dashing through the neutral zone like a one horse open sleigh, Datsyuk reaches back behind him and snags the puck, dragging it between all three Bruins' forwards, then slingshotting it through his legs

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  • Joel Quenneville fined $25,000 for Michael Jackson impression during Game 1 tirade

    The NHL announced a $25,000 fine to Joel Quenneville for "inappropriate conduct" Friday, after his double overtime tirade against the officials Thursday night ended in a crotch grab that would have made Michael Jackson proud.

    Quenneville had already apologized for the gesture. "It was a bush-league move on my part," he said earlier in the day.

    Now, we don't know about bush-league. It seemed just a little lower than that.

    Joel Quenneville crotch grab dot gif.

    Still. He wasn't happy with it, and neither was the league, who would prefer their coaches not do this.

    The Internet, on the other hand, loved it. Loved it. On Friday, Joel Quenneville was everywhere.

    Pete Blackburn had a ton of fun with it, noting that pointing that dramatic is better suited for John Travolta feature films than the NHL playoffs. Something tells me we'll be seeing a lot of this GIF in the playoffs, especially if the Blackhawks win an elimination game to stay alive, as it were.

    Joel Quenneville's staying alive.

    Thank goodness Game 2 goes Saturday during the day. That gives Quenneville

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  • Sabres radio station deals with lost draft lottery by singing 'Let it go' parody

    For the 62nd time this season, the Buffalo Sabres finished second, losing the 2014 NHL draft lottery to the Florida Panthers, despite having the best odds by virtue of their last-place finish. They were dismayed. (Roberto Luongo, not so much.)

    You could argue that the hockey gods are out to get them, but the hockey gods would likely counter with "ummmm butt goal?" 

    In any case, Buffalo fans have taken it surprisingly well, with most simply accepting their fate and opting to let it go. And over at radio station WGR 550, Thom Cich has decided to sing a draft lottery-themed version of "Let it Go", the popular song from Disney's Frozen that's pretty much everywhere these days. As a fan of hockified song parodies, I love this:

    A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

    I've got to give it up to Buffalo radio here, and not just for the vocal chops. (Actually, not for the vocal chops at all. There are no chops.)

    If this had happened in Vancouver, rather than slipping the conspiracy theory into a song, the radio station would have

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  • San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings: Puck Daddy's Tinder NHL playoff preview

    (Ed. Note: With its new playoff format, the NHL is seeking to create passion for fans and teams through forced, bracketed relationships. But hey, at first glance, the matchups are pretty sexy. All of this led to one ideal theme for our 2014 Playoff Preview: Tinder, the social media dating app. We hope you swipe right this postseason ...)

    What San Jose vs. Los Angeles will come down to: goals. Granted, that's a truism, since every game and every series eventually comes down to goals, but it's especially pertinent here, where LA is the league's best team at having the puck, and one of the worst at doing much with it.

    San Jose, meanwhile, is an offensive juggernaut. Fortunately, Jonathan Quick is the great equalizer, but if the Kings can't find a way to give him some run support, he could find himself in Marty Turco territory, with three shutouts wins and four losses when all is said and done. 

    That would seem unfair, but really, this entire series is unfair. Here we have two of the

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  • Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

    • This 15-year-old girl's custom Blackhawks Chucks are better than whatever crap you're wearing on your dumb feet. [DNA Info]

    • Dave Tippett will coach Team Canada at the World Championships. [Fox Sports]

    • Anthony Stolarz has had his stick-swinging suspension lifted so he can play in the Memorial Cup. [Buzzing the Net]

    • Ilya Bryzgalov didn't have much to say to this columnist about Semyon Varlamov. That's the story. [Denver Post]

    • No. T.J. Oshie for Game 1 versus the Blackhawks. I'm stilling setting the over/under on times his shootout in the Olympics gets mentioned at 9.5. [STL Today]

    • The Stars looked less like a playoff team in game one and more like a group of kids learning to play the clarinet. [Dallas News]

    • Henrik Zetterberg won't play in round one for the Red Wings, but he skated with his teammates, and

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  • Canadiens avenge truly terrible rendition of 'O Canada' by winning Game 1 (Video)

    The Stanley Cup playoffs were nearly ruined before they had even officially begun on Wednesday night. Aspiring Opera singer Max DeFrancesco sang the anthems for Game 1 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning, and either due to nerves or perhaps a hatred for Canada, he sang... poorly.

    After struggling with the pitch on his first few notes (pitchy, dawg), DeFrancesco struggled with the language the rest of the way. He appeared to occasionally slip into Italian, which is weird, since nobody sings the anthem in Italian.

    Considering the language politics at work in Canada -- and especially in Quebec, the province from which the Canadiens hail -- splicing in words from the wrong second language (and also some non-words from a non-language, I think) is up there with dropping in a line with America the Beautiful. That's not how you do it. Such disrespect!

    The Canadiens would go on to win the game 5-4 in overtime, and it's clear to me why: they were motivated by the sullying

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