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  • No. 1 Star: Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

    Kane was his usual dynamic self in Game 4 versus the St. Louis Blues, scoring twice, including the overtime winner in a 4-3 victory, and adding an assist. His game-winner was a remarkable bit of poise, as he backed off the defense before beating Ryan Miller high. 

    No. 2 Star: Alex Goligoski, Dallas Stars

    Skating a game-high 32:48 in the Stars' 4-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks that evened the series at two, Goligoski led the Stars with two points, a goal and an assist. Cody Eakin got the game-winner, but Goligoski's goal was the one that put the Ducks away. Check out the assist from Vernon Fiddler:

    No. 3 Star: Brandon Dubinsky, Columbus Blue Jackets

    Dubinsky scored a huge goal in the Blue Jackets' 4-3 comeback win over the Pittsburgh Penguins, tying the game with just 24 seconds to go. He also picked up an assist on Ryan Johansen's powerplay goal that cut the Penguins' lead in half:

    Honorable mention: Marc-Andre Fleury made 42 saves in the

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  • There's an old saying when it comes to the playoffs: a series hasn't even begun until a team wins one on the road. 

    Supposing that's true, through four games, the first-round series between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues has yet to even begin. After going down 2-0 in St. Louis, the Blackhawks did what they had to, winning both of their home game.

    The Game 4 victory came thanks to Patrick Kane, who gave them a 4-3 overtime win with this beautiful overtime winner:

    You could see this one coming, and not just because we know Kane has a playoff gear because he has a playoff haircut, or because he was in that gear all night, with 2 goals and an assist. 

    He was dancing all overtime. You had to worry about what would happen if he got a little time and space, and what do you know, this is what happened.

    There are few players in the NHL more terrifying on an odd-man rush, because Kane can just about do it all. We've seen him make incredible passes, and we've seen him deke his way

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  • Tyson Barrie won't return to the Colorado Avalanche's first-round series with the Minnesota Wild, after suffering an MCL injury on an ugly, knee-on-knee hit from Matt Cooke. 

    Unsurprisingly, neither will Cooke, who was suspended seven games by the Department of Player Safety on Wednesday.

    The DOPS suspension video uses the word knee a lot. Makes sense.

    "Cooke is leading with his left knee. After Barrie releases the puck, Cooke continues in this posture, further extends his knee, and makes contact wkith Barrie's left knee. This is kneeing."

    That's from Patrick Burke, the knight who says knee.

    Burke also explains away anybody who might be dumb enough to suggest that Barrie exacerbated the injury by trying to avoid the hit. 

    "While this evasive action might have worsened the extent of the injury, it should have been entirely predictable to Cooke that Barrie would attempt to avoid contact."

    In other words, of course he tried to avoid the hit. Why the heck wouldn't he? That doesn't mean

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  • The Anaheim Ducks will be without captain and first-line centre Ryan Getzlaf for Wednesday night's pivotal Game 4 versus the Dallas Stars.

    According to the team, Getzlaf will miss the game with an upper-body injury. He's listed as day-to-day.

    His absence will likely be felt a great deal more than Teemu Selanne's.

    It goes without saying that this is a massive loss for Anaheim. Getzlaf has 4 points in the series -- a goal and an assist in both Anaheim wins -- but we knew his value to the team long before the playoffs commenced. Getzlaf finished second in the league in scoring behind Sidney Crosby, and is soon to finish second in voting for the Hart to Crosby as well. He's invaluable, and he's irreplaceable.

    One wonders if the upper-body injury is in the upper upper-body, like, say, the face. Getzlaf's been wearing a jaw protector since he took a puck to face trying to preserve the lead late in Game 1. There's a distinct possibility that it's broken, and he's playing through it.

    In Game

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  • Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

    Justin Braun breaks Robyn Regehr's ankles.

    • More playoff ankle breakage. Here's Justin Braun turning Robyn Regehr inside-out. [Reddit]

    • Ken Hitchcock on David Backes, who wasn't available for the pregame skate: “He’s not going to play unless he’s healthy. You never know. He could be skating in another rink. He could be somewhere else. You don’t know. There are a lot of other rinks here in Chicago. So he could be doing other things. But he’s not going into the lineup unless he’s a player. If he’s a player, the way he plays he’s going to have a huge impact on the series. If he skated somewhere else and is in fine-tuned conditioning, you’ll see him tonight.” So in other words, you'll see him tonight. [Sun Times]

    • The Dallas Stars are failing to make friends with the Anaheim Ducks. Not cool, Dallas Stars. Not cool. [Defending Big D]

    • Is the NHL's new

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  • Nice guys finish last in the Stanley Cup Playoffs' war of attrition

    The NHL playoffs are now a little over a week old, and while this isn't quite long enough to determine who is heading to the conference finals, we have made some progress in our secondary mission of determining who is good ... and who is bad.

    Not at hockey, mind you -- just in general.

    The Dallas Stars?

    They're bad.

    After all, who would shamelessly target the the jaw of one of their opponents, as Dallas did to poor Ryan Getzlaf's puck-marked face in Game 3? Sure, it threw him off his game, and sure, he even lost his composure badly enough to take himself off the ice for the final two minutes of the second period, when the Ducks could have used his offence to cut a two-goal deficit in half -- and thus, wrest the momentum away from the Stars -- heading into the intermission.

    But still, this was a Classless™ thing to do, and Getzlaf said so himself. From Defending Big D:

    "Well, it's one of those things, you've got to stay as disciplined as you can but you've got to protect yourself too,"

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  • Montreal police urge fans not to celebrate in streets if Habs sweep

    It's been six years and a day since the last time the Montreal Canadiens won a playoff series at home. On April 21, 2008, the Eastern Conference champion Habs closed out the Boston Bruins, 5-0, in Game 7 at the Bell Centre. It was a happy day for Montreal fans. 

    But not so much for Montreal police, who spent the rest of the evening trying to quell a downtown riot. From the CBC:

    The jubilation degenerated into mayhem around midnight, however, as some hockey fans turned violent.

    "It started pretty well," police spokesman Const. Laurent Gingras told CBC News Tuesday.

    "Unfortunately, at a certain point some people gathered on Ste. Catherine Street. A couple fights broke out and police cars were also attacked at that point."

    In the end, 16 people were arrested, as many police cars were damaged, and the city was left wondering what sort of Hell they had in store if the Canadiens won another round. Fortunately, the Philadelphia Flyers did what the police couldn't, preventing another riot by

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  • You can purchase Tyler Seguin's game-used jock on eBay, finally

    Oftentimes in sports, you'll hear the following phrase: so-and-so isn't fit to carry that guy's jock. For example:  "You aren't fit to carry Tyler Seguin's jock," someone might say, impugning your fitness while similarly extolling the virtue, caliber and weight of Tyler Seguin's jock. What a jock.

    But now you don't need to be fit enough to carry Tyler Seguin's jock. You just need to have $250. Because that's how much it will cost you to buy it on eBay.

    It could be yours!

    Why would you want this, you may be asking? After all, it's... tainted, as it were. Well. I submit to you, because it's the cup.

    Another question you may be asking: how did someone get this? From the item description:

    Up for sale is Tyler Seguin’s game used cup from his jock strap. Acquired after the Bruins had flopped to the Capitals in the 1st round. The cup was purchased before the annual Bruins equipment sale at Pure Hockey in Medford. My buddy worked at Pure Hockey and manage to set aside a few items. One of the items was the jock

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  • Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

    Barry Trotz says goodbye.

    • Barry Trotz said goodbye to the people of Nashville with a full-page ad in the Tenneseean over the weekend. Classy gesture from a classy guy.

    • Meanwhile, the search for his replacement enters week 2. Maybe Trotz's full-pager should have included some details about what the team was looking for, tried to rustle up some suitors? Must coach stifling defense. [Tenneseean]

    • Travis Yost doesn't have much faith in the Ottawa Senators. "The organization is coming apart at the seams. Ownership's hellbent on being somewhere between $12MM and $15MM below the cap ceiling, and trying to sell snake oil to the fans in the hidden expense department. Even with a very respectable crop of talent on the roster, there's no reason to believe this club can compete in good faith -- not with the handcuffs ownership has applied to

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  • Stanley Cup Playoffs Three Stars: Pavelski leads Sharks' rout; Bolts on the brink

    No. 1 Star: Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks

    Pavelski had a three-point night in the Sharks 7-2 rout of the Los Angeles Kings, picking up a second assist on the Justin Braun goal that stood as the game-winner, then adding a goal and another assist once the Kings fell apart in the third. The Sharks scored four in the final frame:

    No. 2 Star: Brendan Gallagher, Montreal Canadiens

    Gallagher capped off a massive momentum shift for the Canadiens versus the home Tampa Bay Lightning in the second period, scoring the go-ahead goal not long after Ryan Callahan has his go-ahead goal disallowed. Then in the third, he helped orchestrate a Tomas Plekanec goal which would stand as the game-winner in a 3-2 victory for the Canadiens. Game 4 now becomes our first elimination game of the playoffs.

    No. 3 Star: Ray Emery, Philadelphia Flyers

    The Flyers were outshot 33 to 24, but Emery shut the door, making 31 saves to give the Flyers a 4-2 win over the New York Rangers, their first victory as Madison Square

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