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  • Aleksander Barkov’s sick one-handed shot defeats Penguins (Video)

    The Florida Panthers played in front of their largest crowd of the season against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night – 15,947 – and they witnessed one heck of a move by center Aleksander Barkov to win in the shootout. 

    In the seventh round of the shootout, Barkov skated in on Marc-Andre Fleury. He went from this forehand to his backhand. Fleury expected him to bring the puck back to his left, perhaps to go five-hole. Barkov, instead, just flicked the puck past Fleury’s left pad for the game-winner.

    The Panthers won, 4-3.

    "This was a big win for us,'' Barkov said. "The past two games have been like playoff hockey.''

    Granted, the Penguins were down around 10 regular players, including three sent back to Pittsburgh under suspicion of having the mumps.

    Youth might have been on Barkov’s side. He’s 19 years old. Fleury said after the game that he’s familiar with some of the Panthers shooters; but “that last one, I didn’t know about that one.”

    Now he knows. 



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  • Marian Hossa in an ice bath; thanks, Reebok’s Winter Classic ads (Photo)

    With the saturation of outdoor games and no semblance of rivalry between the two participants, many of us have no doubt wondered how the 2015 Winter Classic could be marketed to maximum effect.

    The answer, really to anything in life: Marian Hossa in an ice bath.

    Katie Brown of District Sports Page discovered these Winter Classic one-sheets at the Navy Yard Metro station, as Reebok puts the spotlight on Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals and Hossa, the star winger for the Chicago Blackhawks.

    This is honestly the weirdest direct-to-video knockoff of “Hot Tub Time Machine” we’ve ever seen.

    The ads use “Winter Is Coming,” the classic tagline from “Game Of Thrones.” That, combined with the beckoning look of shirtless athletes in ice baths … well, we’re glued to the TV on Jan. 1, don’t know about you.

    Here’s another ad featuring Ward and Hossa:

     Incidentally, the current long-range forecast for Winter Classic Eve is 38 degrees with evening snow showers. So save those “they might as well

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  • Top 10 people of controversy in 2014 (Puck Daddy Year in Review)

    Some of them wear suits, some of them wear jerseys. Some of them wield pens, some of them wield sticks. 

    All of them had moments of controversy in 2014; but which one wears the crown as the most controversial people of the year?

    10. Gary Bettman

    Look, the commissioner is always going to make this list by virtue of being the commissioner. It’s not as if he wasn’t a divisive figure as always, from the usual gripes about his handling of NHL player safety issues to the league’s hasty decisions in the wake of Slava Voynov’s suspension. And it’s not like he wasn’t booed for roughly an hour at the draft.

    But as Gary Bettman years go, this one wasn’t all that controversial. Heck, he might have actually charmed some people with his meeting with KISS and his ice bucket challenge.

    9. Josh Ho-Sang

    The immensely talented Canadian junior player was overlooked by many teams at the NHL Draft, dropping to No. 28 overall and the New York Islanders. His attitude was questioned. Ho-Sang, whose father is

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  • No, President Obama will not attend the Winter Classic

    As his family does at the end of every year, President Barack Obama is currently in the great state of Hawaii, vacationing during the holiday as best as the leader of the free world can kick back. 

    Here’s the thing: The 2015 Winter Classic? The hockey game between the Washington Capitals, D.C.’s local team, and the Chicago Blackhawks, Obama’s local team from back home, played at Nationals Park, the baseball stadium a short motorcade away from the White House?

    Yeah, not in Honolulu.

    So as Russian Machine Never Breaks reminds us, despite public pleas to have him attend the game, President Obama will not be watching hockey at Nationals Park on Jan. 1.

    Because he’s not getting back to D.C. with his family until Jan. 4.

    But hey, he did catch that Oregon State/Akron game in Hawaii this week. 

    Oh well. Ted Leonsis tried, via the Chicago Tribune:

    “It’s just such great theater,” Leonsis said of the New Year’s Day game. “The bar keeps getting raised, and we’ll have a couple of unique things to

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  • MVSW

    LISTEN HERE! [And if that doesn't work, try here.]

    It's a (I don't like) Mondays edition of Marek vs. Wyshynski beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT, and we're talking about the following and more:

    Special Guest Star: Mike Heika on the Dallas Stars; Ryan Lambert on world juniors; Frank Seravalli on the Flyers.

    • The Bartkowski hit. 

    • The playoffs race. 

    • News and notes. 

    Question of the Day: Who deserves coal in their stocking this hockey Christmas? Email or hit us on Twitter with the hashtag #MvsW to @wyshynski or @jeffmarekClick here for the Sportsnet live stream or click the play button above!

    Click here to download podcasts from the show each day. Subscribe to the podcast viaiTunes or Feedburner.

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  • Why Matt Bartkowski wasn’t suspended for that Brian Gionta hit

    Matt Bartkowski’s hit on Brian Gionta on Sunday was one of those moments when you wonder how it couldn’t be a suspension.

    The velocity of the contact. The way the Buffalo Sabres forward's head flew back, before his body tumbled into the air, skates over shoulders, and he face-planted on the ice. The fact that he didn’t have possession of the puck, and the fact that the hit was so heinous that the on-ice officials handed him a five-minute major for interference and a game misconduct. And the fact that Gionta was injured.

    And yet, from the NHL on Monday: No hearing. No fine. No suspension.

    According to the League, this was an attempt at a full body check from the Boston Bruins defenseman. The main point of contact was the shoulder; while the head rocked back, the League contends it was from the jolt of the check and not because Bartkowski’s hit principally connected with it.

    Looking at it again, there’s also some question about whether this hit should have been a major at all. Gionta

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  • Anton Khudobin comically fails to go over boards to Carolina bench (GIF)

    Haven’t we all struggled in life? To find our footing? To accomplish something that might seem so perfunctory, so simple, so routine? 

    To that end: We are all Anton Khudobin.

    The Carolina Hurricanes goalie battled the boards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night, and the boards won. After stumbling in his attempt to climb onto the Canes bench, like a newborn fawn attempting to walk across a frozen pond, Khudobin finally flopped his entire body over the boards with the help of Cam Ward.

    It was a perfectly symbolic moment for Carolina, considering they couldn’t get one over all night: The New York Rangers won, 1-0.

    But as Anton Khudobin has taught us all, if at first you don’t succeed, do what ever you can to not embarrass yourself until your buddy literally drags you to safety.

    Also, that the game is played on ice. 

    s/t My Regular Face

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  • Ilya Bryzgalov has an awesome new Darkwing Duck mask (Photos)

    Combining the mind of Ilya Bryzgalov and the iconography of the Anaheim Ducks can only lead to one thing: an absolutely awesome goalie mask. 

    Like, for example, a Darkwing Duck tribute.

    For the uninitiated, “Darkwing Duck” was a show that ran from 1991-95, back when Disney’s Duck-related programs ruled weekday afternoons. (See also: “DuckTales,” “TaleSpin”). It was a spin on golden age superheroes like The Shadow. The city he defended was St. Canard. One of his main adversaries was Negaduck, his evil doppelganger. It was pretty much the best.

    Obviously, it made an impression on Bryz, too. He has Darkwing featured on his new mask riding his super-bike “The Rat Catcher,” which itself was a takeoff on Judge Dredd’s motorcycle.

    From that mad genius Dave Gunnarsson, who designed the mask:

    Ilya Bryzgalov´s new Ducks mask is here, and the mask is transformed into Darkwing´s awesome super bike ”The RatCatcher”! The mask is full of speed, action and burnouts…

    Bad guys, watch out, Mr Darkwing

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  • NHL Three Stars: Seguin leads Stars rally; OT heroes for Bruins, Flyers

    No. 1 Star: Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars 

    The NHL’s leading scorer led the Stars’ rally in a 6-5 thriller over the Edmonton Oilers. Down three goals in the second period, Seguin assisted on a Jamie Benn power-play goal; he then scored goals Nos. 24 and 25 in the third period. He added a goal in the shootout, but it was former Oiler Shawn Horcoff that won the game in Round 8.

    No. 2 Star: Jakub Voracek, Philadelphia Flyers

    The Flyers forward scored goals Nos. 13 and 14 in their 4-3 comeback win over the Winnipeg Jets in OT. He opened the scoring in the first period and then potted the game-winner just 10 seconds into overtime, converting a Dustin Byfuglien turnover into an extra point for the Flyers.

    No. 3 Star: Calvin Pickard, Colorado Avalanche

    Pickard made 34 saves in regulation and overtime and then outdueled Petr Mrazek in a nine-round shootout in the Avs’ 2-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Jarome Iginla had the shootout-winner. 

    Honorable Mention: Fresh off a change, Loui

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  • Should Matt Bartkowski earn suspension for hit on Brian Gionta? (Video)

    Matt Bartkowski of the Boston Bruins delivered what could be kindly called a “controversial” hit on the Buffalo Sabres’ Brian Gionta on Sunday night, earning a game misconduct at 14:08 of the first period.

    Gionta tried to snag a pass -- a really, really bad pass that put him on the trolleytracks -- and tapped it with his stick. Bartkowski skated over and cut him off, as Gionta skated towards the blue line, connecting with Gionta’s shoulder and, potentially, his head.

    Here’s GIF:

    The aesthetics were damning: Gionta flipping skates-over-shoulders and crashing to the ice. Marcus Foligno immediately engaged Bartkowski in a fight, earning an instigator, fighting major and a misconduct himself.

    Bartkowski was given a 5-minute major for interference, five for fighting and a game misconduct. Gionta did not return to the game. Foligno also suffered an upper body injury and did not return.

    Head-shot or no head shot, Bartkowski is likely going to get something from the NHL for delivering this

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