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  • Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast: How LA Kings are champs of social media, too


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    It's a Monday edition of #MvsW, and a special one.

    Pat Donahue is the director of digital media for the Los Angeles Kings, a.k.a. the guy behind their caustic Twitter feed. We spoke with Pat at SX Sports at the SXSW festival about the Kings' revolutionary new media strategy, Twitter fights with fans and the future of sports social media. 

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  • Alex Ovechkin is better than the Buffalo Sabres

    The Washington Capitals face the Buffalo Sabres on Monday night, which means hockey fans will be treated to one of the season’s greatest scoring races: 

    Alex Ovechkin vs. the Sabres power play.

    As of Monday, Ovechkin has a league-leading 21 power-play goals. The Buffalo Sabres – as a team – have 20 on the year.

    As ridiculous as this sounds, the Capitals star has come close to doing this before on a season-long basis. Last season, Ovechkin (24) nearly outscored the Florida Panthers (27) on the power play. In the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season, Ovechkin scored 16 power-play goals, while the Boston Bruins had 18.

    We decided to look at the rest of the tale of the tape between Ovechkin and the Sabres, and found that the Capitals star has a resounding advantage in puck possession and is outpacing the Sabres in some other metrics.

    We included goals per game for context. And has Mike Harrington points out, Ovechkin is within a reasonable distance of outscoring all the Sabres combined:

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  • Fighting back against crazy hockey parents and ‘rink rage’

    One of the things overzealous hockey parents at games – those profane, frothing maniacs who belittle referees, intimidate coaches and go as far as getting into physical altercations – don’t understand is how their behavior affects their children. 

    The Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association’s proposed new policy will make that negative influence quite clear.

    According to the Canadian Press, the British Columbia association’s president is going to recommend that all parents of players in the league take a mandatory online course on proper etiquette and behavior, which is offered by Hockey Canada and Sheldon Kennedy’s The Respect Group.

    If parents continue to bring their “rink rage” to games and act out, the association would have the authority to have their children automatically cut from the team.

    The proposal to the 21-person board was sparked by the recent arrest for assault of a 45-year-old man who allegedly attacked another hockey parent during a game.

    Scott Bannister, who

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  • Thatcher Demko makes awesome diving save vs. Vermont (Video)

    Along with having a name like a Madison Ave. ad agency or a chain of auto repair shops, Thatcher Demko is a pretty darn good goalie.

    The California native and Vancouver Canucks draft pick has been stellar for Boston College this season, and pulled off another highlight reel stop the Hockey East tournament on Sunday.

    Vermont worked the puck in the BC zone, eventually setting up for a one-timer to the left of Demko, with Mike Stenerson staring at a wide-open net.

    Instead, it was Demko making the save, diving back across with his glove for some absolute thievery.

    Here’s another look:

    The save was a bonus highlight on SportsCenter's top 10. That's right: ESPN's SportsCenter!

    Alas, Demko his darnedest but it wasn’t enough, as Vermont won Game 3 of their quarterfinal series, 1-0, to advance. Boston College will have to see how the rest of the NCAA conference tournaments shake out before knowing if they’ll have earned an at-large bid to the big dance.



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  • Red Wings, Capitals trying to relocate swagger during slump

    Two teams that had been rolling through the Eastern Conference. Two coaches that are suddenly, and publicly, frustrated with their efforts. 

    Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings and Barry Trotz of the Washington Capitals have watched their teams stumble in the last 10 games, while watching the Boston Bruins finally find their footing and climb up the standings.

    The Wings had been entrenched in the 2 vs. 3 series in the Atlantic; now they’re three points up on Boston for the three-seed with a game in-hand, looking like they could slip to the wild card.

    The Capitals are in the wild card, as they have been, but have now fallen behind the Bruins – both teams have 82 points and 33 ROW, but the Bruins have a game in-hand. Their situation is a little more perilous than that of the Wings, who aren’t going to fall out of a playoff spot at 85 points. The Florida Panthers (76) and Ottawa Senators (75) are still lingering around the bubble, and the Senators have both a game in-hand and one more

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  • NHL tests virtual reality live streaming to watch ‘from any seat’


    AUSTIN, TX – Virtual reality is featured prominently at South By Southwest Sports this year, from using it to better train athletes with Oculus Rift to how it could transform the fan experience watching basketball, football and hockey at home. 

    Yes, hockey, the most problematic of televised sports. The live experience is unmatched – find even the most casual hockey fan, and they’ll tell you how the arena vibe totally blows away the product on TV.

    The gap has closed a bit with the advent of high definition and the potential for 3-D. But just because you can follow the puck better doesn’t mean you feel like you’re at the game.

    Which is where virtual reality comes in.

    The NHL had its first successful test of a 360-degree virtual reality experience at its Stadium Series game between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings last month, mounting cameras around the glass that filmed HD images in the round.

    “It was wild. I could turn around as see a person sitting in back of me,” said NHL

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  • Leave goalie interference reviews out of NHL referees’ hands

    The NHL’s general managers are going to revisit video reviews of goalie interference calls, and one assumes that would include adding coaches’ challenges to limit them. 

    It’s something that needs to happen, given how many baffling and inconsistent calls we see each week, and it needs to happen because those calls frequently determine whether or not a goal is added to the tally.

    The timing’s right for it too, given that the NHL has camera technology that can allow us to measure the whisker length on Brent Burns’ face. (Spoiler: Some are longer than a garden variety salamander.)

    What doesn’t need to happen is for video reviews to fall into the referees’ hands, which is a “happy medium” that’s been discussed as a way to appease those who want oversight on controversial calls and those worried that calling up to the War Room will make games excruciatingly long or that on-ice officials’ power will be further diminished by calls overturned off-ice.

    Besides, the NHL has already endorsed

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  • Jersey Fouls: Swedish massages and King Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Calgary Flames announced that hulking, cement skates defenseman Douglas Murray has been signed on a tryout basis during their playoff push.

    God-willing there’s enough time left in the season for Flames fans to go ahead and grab their own Murray-inspired Jersey Fouls.

    Such as this San Jose Sharks classic from Peter Santangeli, taken at the Shark Tank this season.


    Writes Peter: “I can only imagine she is a fan of Douglass Murray.”

    And, obviously, his hands.

    (For the record, his nickname is Crankshaft, which is unexpectedly slightly less salacious than this.)

    Coming Up: More Sharks Fouls; a Corey Perry goof; Connor McDavid fouls; honoring The Terminator; and a rather deplorable Washington Capitals Foul.

    And here … we ... go.

    Via Larry McCurtis from (where else?) the Shark Tank: 

    Not only was this bad mother rocking a hoody under his sweater, he also had a half burned cigarette behind his left ear. And a sweet

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  • Top 5 most important players for NHL playoff push (Wysh List)

    The NHL playoffs are less than a month away, and teams are scratching and clawing to try and make the cut or increase their standing. 

    Some players are going to be significant forces in that playoff push – yes, besides every team’s goaltenders. Call them clutch, call them gamers, call them what you will … they could be the difference between home ice and starting on the road, and making and missing the postseason altogether.

    In this week’s Wysh List, Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy editor Greg Wyshynski looks at five players that could significantly impact teams like the Boston Bruins and the Minnesota Wild. Enjoy!

    Follow Greg Wyshynski on Twitter @wyshynski.


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  • Devastating hit in Swedish hockey playoffs leads to ejection (Video)

    AIK and Södertälje met in the HockeyAllsvenskan playoffs on Thursday, and Robert Carlsson met Christopher Bengtsson, who then met the boards, quite violently. 

    Bengtsson of AIK was chasing a puck to the corner at 7:42 into the first period when Carlsson hit him a few feet from the boards. Bengtsson caught air as he crashed into them, and then stayed down as play was halted.

    Carlsson was given a match penalty as Bengstsson left the playing surface with some help, in obvious pain, but would later return to the game.

    AIK would score on the ensuing power play and eventually won the match, 3-0.

    Mattias Ek of Expressen expects there will be some supplemental discipline for Carlsson.

    Carlsson, for the record, might be one of the hockey world’s biggest hitters for a player his size (listed at 5-10).

    The 37-year-old Swedish forward, pretty much a career Södertälje player, just levels opponents with hits, legal and otherwise. Here’s one from last month on Jesper Thornberg:

    What’s Swedish for

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