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Greg Wyshynski is the editor of Puck Daddy. A former managing sports editor for The Connection Newspapers, he's written for Deadspin, AOL Sports and is the author of "Glow Pucks & 10-Cent Beer: The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History." Born and bred in New Jersey, living in Northern Virginia. Did we mention he likes booze?

  • Please recall the 2012 Chicago Blackhawks convention, which didn’t follow a Stanley Cup championship but did follow a rather embarrassment summer for Patrick Kane, who was photographed drunk during a Madison bar crawl … wearing a T-shirt with his own picture on it, drunk in the back of a limo.

    He faced tough questions about his behavior, and owned up to it:

    "It’s still part of my maturation process and something I’m still trying to get better at. And the biggest thing, it was embarrassing. That’s from deep down inside me.”

    A lot’s changed for Kane since then. He played overseas during the NHL lockout, living with his mother, and didn’t end up on the gossip sites. Ditto when he returned to the Blackhawks for the truncated season, when he found his dominating offensive game and eventually won the Conn Smythe for his postseason performance in winning a second Stanley Cup.

    At the 2013 Blackhawks Fan Convention, CSN Chicago’s Chris Boden asked him about his journey in the last year, and Kane got a little emotional talking about it.

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  • Getty ImagesIt’s not exactly been the best summer for Nikolai Zherdev, the former NHL winger that’s had a rather colorful run in the KHL.

    The former Columbus Blue Jackets pick, who also played for both the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, was dropped from Atlant of the KHL after his contract was bought out. The 28 year old found a new home with HC Lev Praha, another KHL team, signing a 1-year deal last week.

    Then things went sorta bad.

    Like, voodoo curse bad.

    According to, Zherdev was involved in a physical altercation at the Barvikha Luxury Village hotel, in a suburb just outside of Moscow. The Fourth Period termed it a “bar fight,” so we’ll go with that.

    Then Zherdev crashed his new black Bentley, which cost 10 million rubles ($302,177 US). The damage will cost him another 1 million rubles to repair.

    In what is our favorite part of the story: Local residents scrawled obscenities on Zherdev’s car because they were so revolted by his behavior.

    So things couldn’t get worse, right? Well, there’s also the pending divorce. From Vesti:

    According to the portal Life News, wife of two-time world champion said it intends to file for divorce. On the Internet, it was reported that their success Nikolai Zherdev noted in the company of girls that apparently did not like the wife of a hockey player is not less than the broken Bentley.

    There is also information that Zherdev was unable to fly to Prague in time to pack his new team, as the lost passport.

    So how is your week going?

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  • Seven other things the NFL should totally steal from the NHL

    Getty ImagesIt’s said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the National Hockey League should be blushing intensely right now. The National Football League has decided their crap-tastic all-star game needed a new format, so it’s borrowed the NHL’s “fantasy draft” idea for the Pro Bowl.

    From Shutdown Corner:

    The traditional AFC vs. NFC matchup has been eliminated. It will be replaced by a fantasy-style draft, with captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders, Pro Bowl team captains and two fantasy football champions picking the two teams from a pool of players that was voted in, the NFL said. ESPN was first to report the format change.

    First, let’s applaud the idea that two fans will get some input in choosing these teams, even if it’s symbolic. That’s pretty sweet. But Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders helping the team captains? Snore. If you need some added star power in AN ALL-STAR GAME, why not just use some Z-list celebrities? (“Team Caliendo selects [does John Madden voice … again]”)

    The Pro Bowl now has a modicum of interest, which is amazing given that it’s the Pro Bowl, thanks to the NHL’s “inspiring” all-star game format.

    So what else can the NFL take from the NHL in order to finally achieve widespread popularity and a rich television contract like hockey has?

    Here are seven other things the NFL is allowed to steal from the far superior NHL. (Sorry, Chara's off-limits.)

    Getty ImagesTrophies You Can Drink From

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  • Scott Gomez brings his goal-scoring prowess to Florida Panthers

    The Florida Panthers signed Scott Gomez to a 1-year contract worth $900,000 on Wednesday.

    Said Dale Tallon:

    “Scott is a veteran center who adds further depth to the middle of our line-up,” said Tallon. “He is a quick and skilled forward, with a wealth of hockey experience including two Stanley Cup titles, who will be a leader for our younger players.”

    It’s a rather good fit for both parties. Assuming, of course, they’re going to let Gomer be Gomer.

    The San Jose Sharks weren’t interested in that, necessarily. They signed Gomez as a depth forward and kicked him some second-unit power play time. That’s not exactly utilizing the guy’s gifts as a playmaker, which is something the Panthers can obviously use in the pivot with Stephen Weiss having moved on to the Detroit Red Wings.

    But where Gomez really impressed with the Sharks was in his intangibles.

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  • Seattle NHL expansion pushed by Gary Bettman for 2014-2015 season?

    Getty Images

    NHL expansion is going to happen.

    We know this because contraction will never happen thanks to the NHLPA, and because the NHL’s owners have an unquenchable thirst for expansion money. We also know this because we’re all not complete idiots, and understand that if one conference has 16 teams and the other conference has 14 teams … welp …

    Thus the question has never been “if” but “when” and “where,” and one of the answers has increasingly has become “Seattle” since the city committed to a state-of-the-art arena project.

    Mitch Levy is a morning host on 950 KJR in Seattle, and he’s set hearts in the Emerald City aflutter again with news on Wednesday morning that Commissioner Gary Bettman is pushing for an expansion team in Seattle by 2014.

    From his Twitter feed:

    “The short of it is: I'm hearing that the NHL Commish is encouraging the board of governors to make an expansion team available to Seattle. If approved, the new expansion Seattle NHL club would cost approximately $275M. It would begin playing here in the 2014-2015 season. All of this contingent upon 1) a solid ownership coming forward and buying the team and 2) the new arena staying on track to be built.

    “The ownership group that was interested in buying the Phoenix franchise remains in play here, amongst others.”

    Levy says the current arena deal would have to be “tweaked” to keep construction on track. The fate of the arena was never specifically tied to Seattle landing an NBA team, which is good, because that whole thing with the Kings could have worked out better.

    So is the NHL coming to Seattle?

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  • Ilya Bryzgalov, ‘fantastic goalie’, training in Sweden

    Getty ImagesThe musical chairs for NHL goaltenders has slowed significantly, with only a few potential landing spots still open. This is not exactly good news for Ilya Bryzgalov, the former Philadelphia Flyers goalie who carries more baggage than a carousel at LAX.

    Either biding his time or checking his options, Bryz has opted to train overseas with Eric Granqvist, the goaltending coach for Färjestad of the Swedish Hockey League in ... well, Sweden. He’ll train with the team this week.

    Granqvist told Aftonbladet that he and Bryzgalov spoke over Skype after being approached by agent Ritch Winter.

    Said Granqvist:

    “Bryz is basically a fantastic goalkeeper who now want to focus on hockey and do whatever it takes to find to their game again."

    The thought is that he’ll benefit from the training, and that the NHL netminder’s presence will benefit Färjestad’s goalies, Fredrik Pettersson Wentzel and Danny Taylor. Yep, that’s right: THE Danny Taylor, of two games with the Calgary Flames fame.

    So with a former AHLer and a guy who sounds like a gourmet pretzel as his training peers, this is clearly an audition, right?

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  • Justin Bieber revenge: Blackhawks fans step on singer’s face at convention

    BlackhawksEarlier this month, Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber angered many hockey fans for (a) yet again touching the Stanley Cup without ever having won it and, even worse, (b) standing on the Chicago Blackhawks logo in their dressing room while taking a photo of the Cup in the bowels of the United Center.

    The latter offense was seen as a major show of disrespect. NHL teams are careful not to allow anyone to step on the team logo on the dressing room floor … despite it, you know, being on the floor. The Blackhawks rope theirs off from the media during playoff interviews. The Boston Bruins actually position a team employee to chase away people who step too close to their logo.

    The Blackhawks themselves expressed outrage that Bieber used their logo as a welcome mat, with forward Andrew Shaw tweeting, “Bro, no stepping on the logo.”

    The fans were also outraged. And on July 27, at the Blackhawks’ annual fan convention, a few finally took action against the Biebs – by stepping all over his legacy.

    And by “legacy” we of course mean “face.”

    @StandOnBieberThat sound you heard was legions of pre-teen girls gasping and growling simultaneously.

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  • The top 10 goalies in the NHL

    Getty ImagesWho is the best goalie in the world?

    The answer, as always, is Dominik Hasek, and will be until he takes his last breath on this mortal plane.

    But being that Hasek is 48 and the National Hockey League is completely ageist, we’re left to ponder which goaltender is the best in the NHL.

    Y! Sports NHL editor Sam McCaig recently did his ranking of the NHL’s 30 starting goalies, with the typical debates about who is or is not a starter – personally, I don’t see how Martin Brodeur isn’t the starter until he’s injured – and the overall ranking of the netminders. (If you’re a Mike Smith fan or a Marc-Andre Fleury basher, this was your list.)

    Sportsnet also had some weird-ass eight-tier ranking system for its starting goalie countdown, in which Semyon Varlamov has as “much to prove” as Ben Bishop and Jakob Markstrom despite, you know, being a starting goalie in the NHL while the others were busing between AHL arenas.

    Both lists are nice and all, but I figured I’d share what’s obviously the definitive list of the NHL’s top 10 goalies, because it sprung forth from my brain bone. Enjoy.

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  • Joe Pavelski, Sharks agree on 5-year extension; overpaid or solid investment?

    Getty ImagesThe best thing to happen to the San Jose Sharks: They became the team of Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski, rather than the Thornton/Marleau/Boyle triumvirate.

    This isn’t to disparage what those veterans have meant to the Sharks, or what they still mean, but the generational transition to those two players (with a dash of Antti Niemi) gives this team a hunger – and, let’s face it, heart – from which champions are born.

    The Sharks signed Couture earlier this summer to a 5-year, $30-million extension, and did the same with Pavelski on Tuesday: 5 years, $30 million, beginning in 2014-15.

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  • Jesus Christ and the Boston Bruins, now in tattoo form (Photo)

    Jesus saves. Also he plays for the Boston Bruins. As our Harrison Mooney opined: "Just more competition for poor Malcolm Subban ..."

    Did the Bruins equipment manager have to fashion skates out of sandals? We suppose Jesus turned the TD Garden ice into wine after Game 6, to help the B's forget those 17 seconds. We also look forward to him laying hands on Gregory Campbell's leg to get him ready for camp.

    But seriously: Alternate captain? Does that even work within the biblical context of the Holy Trinity? Are God, His Son and the Holy Spirit all alternates? Or does the Big Guy wear the 'C'?

    All we know is that a Miro Satan comeback with the Bruins really, really, really isn't going to happen. And that we look forward to our first 'CHRIST 1' Jersey Foul. (Or, knowing hockey fans, 'JESUS 69'.)

    [The Nosebleeds]

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