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Greg Wyshynski is the editor of Puck Daddy. A former managing sports editor for The Connection Newspapers, he's written for Deadspin, AOL Sports and is the author of "Glow Pucks & 10-Cent Beer: The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History." Born and bred in New Jersey, living in Northern Virginia. Did we mention he likes booze?

  • Experiencing Brazil’s nuttiest fan tradition at gold medal soccer

    RIO DE JANEIRO – His plastic commemorative Rio Olympics beer cups were stacked nine high. A 10th one filled with Skol, best described Bud Light without the flavor, topped them, creating a wobbly goblet. Based on this, I knew he was my kind of people when I stood next to him on a concrete stoop, behind the last row of seats at Maracanã Stadium.

    The gold medal men’s soccer match between Brazil and Germany had a thrilling first half followed by a tense but lackluster second half. This was only rumor to me, by the way, because in true Rio Olympic tradition, my journey to the stadium was mired by late buses and abject weirdness; like when the driver made an unscheduled stop in the middle of a highway to let a man out so he could locate a bar to watch the match we were trying to reach via the bus. Such is Rio.

    I arrived at the start of the first overtime and ran to the first open space I saw, standing on my toes and angling my neck to look through several sets of shoulders at the field. I

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  • Top 10 memorable moments of Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

    Medal count | Olympic schedule | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO — The party raged as the rain fell at the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics on Sunday night at Maracana Stadium, as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad officially reached their finale.

    (Although one more event, Navigating Incredibly Long Airport Lines, had yet to be completed.)

    Here are 10 of the most memorable moments from the 2016 Rio Closing Ceremony.


    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Maracana Stadium is an open-air stadium, which unfortunately meant the Closing Ceremony was exposed to the elements. A steady rain fell during it, as it had for most of the evening, and could be seen blowing through the stadium under the lights.

    But the athletes didn’t let it rain on their parade: Using hoods, plastic ponchos and official team umbrellas, the danced through the drops and kept the energy up as the rain came down.

    The anthem

    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Brazilian anthem has been one of the most pleasant discoveries for those visiting Rio for the first

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  • RIO DE JANEIRO — As the Olympic torch was officially passed at the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, it was time for Tokyo to make an impression for the 2020 Summer Games.

    That impression? Well, if dressing up Japan’s prime minister as Super Mario and having him pop out of a giant sewer pipe in the middle of the Rio Closing Ceremony is any indication, we’re in for a show in four years.

    As the Tokyo 2020 presentation started, a video was shown of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister. He was passed a red ball, symbolizing the Japanese flag, from an athlete. His job? Rush the ball to the Rio Opening Ceremony.

    [Related: Shirtless Tongan flag bearer is back, and still shirtless, at Olympic Closing Ceremony]

    But oh no, he’s running late! Whatever shall he do to get to Rio in time for the presentation?

    And then he transformed into Super Mario in the back of his town car.


    And he ran into a pipe in Tokyo, and he warped all the way to Rio, where HE POPPED OUT OF THE PIPE IN THE MIDDLE

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  • What were the top 3 best-selling items at Rio Olympics?

    Medal count | Olympic results | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO – The Rio Olympics had two “megastores” open during the Games. One was situated inside the Olympic Park, while the other was located on Copacabana Beach. “We had an average of 85,000 visitors at both stores every day,” said Mario Andrada, Rio 2016 spokesman.

    But what were they buying?

    According to organizers, here are the top three best-selling items at the Rio Olympics:

    3. Copo Elegance Dose (a.k.a. a box with three shot glasses)

    Yahoo Sports
    Yahoo Sports

    These three shot glasses with the logos of different Olympic sports were sold out at the Olympic Park megastore by Sunday’s Closing Ceremony. They retailed for 35 Brazilian Real, or about $12 U.S., which is a pretty decent bargain for officially licensed shot glasses.

    But they’re also an investment! These ones are selling for 200 Real on an auction site.

    2. Flip-Flops

    Yahoo Sports
    Yahoo Sports

    There was a wall of flip-flops at the megastores that needed constant restocking as people bought up the

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  • Ryan Lochte, U.S. swimmers face ‘further action’ from USOC after Rio

    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Medal count | Olympic schedule | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO – As the Rio Olympics ended, the United States Olympic Committee celebrated its gold medals, its medal count and the continued domination of its athletes.

    “But it was not perfect,” CEO Scott Blackmun said. “We had the one regretful incident with our swimmers.”

    The shadow of LochteGate loomed over the victory lap by the USOC. Ryan Lochte claimed last Sunday that he had been robbed of his money at gunpoint by men impersonating police, along with USA swimmers Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz. That the robbery didn’t include their cellphones or jewelry was one red flag. Lochte’s boastful “whatever” reaction on NBC to having “a gun pointed at his head” was another. Soon, a Rio police investigation was launched, inconsistencies in the stories had been found and the tale spun off into one of drunk swimming bros vandalizing a gas station bathroom and then paying money to make it go away.

    Lochte was in the U.S.

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  • David Boudia takes bronze in Olympic diving

    Getty Images
    Getty Images

    RIO DE JANEIRO – David Boudia of Team USA swam out of the Rio Olympics 10-meter platform diving competition with the bronze medal, after finishing 10th in the semifinals on Saturday.

    The gold medalist in the event at the London Games, Boudia placed third behind Aiden Chen of China (gold) and German Sanchez of Mexico (silver) in the event, held at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center in the Olympic Park. He also won bronze in synchronized diving in London.

    It was a bit of a heartbreaker for Boudia, who entered the final of six dives in second place behind Chen. But he saved his worst for last, notching a 68.45 on his final dive – a forward, 4.5 somersault tuck – that gave Sanchez an opening to move ahead.

    It’s been along journey for Boudia, 27. He placed 10th in his first Olympics in 2008, a result that sent him into a downward spiral in his personal life.

    “Leading up to the 2008 Games was me chasing the Olympic dream. I wanted the fame. I wanted the riches. And I thought the

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  • IOC straight up lies about public funding and Rio Games

    RIO DE JANEIRO – It’s difficult, at times, to dig out from under the layers of equine excrement that is piled on by the International Olympic Committee. It’s like a well-crafted parfait of deceit and delusion, topped with the delicious froth of the Olympic Spirit.

    There were many examples of this as IOC President Thomas Bach spoke on Saturday, one day before the 2016 Rio Games stagger like a mugging victim to the finish line. But this one was perhaps my favorite:

    “There is no public money in the organization of these Olympic Games.”

    I mean, c’mon, Mr. President. You could have gone with ‘funded by the sale of dragon eggs’ or ‘funded by wagers made using a sports almanac from the future,’ and instead you went with something completely fanciful.

    Let’s talk about public funding and the Olympics:

    – It’s true that the Rio Olympics’ facilities were built with a majority of private funding. More than London, more than Sochi. But Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes has said, for years, that the estimated 

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  • Tokyo 2020 officials on ‘counter-heat measures,’ Pokemon Go

    Medal count | Olympic schedule | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO – The Rio 2016 Games have been played during the winter months in Brazil. Rather than scorching South American heat, many days during the events were breezy and somewhat chilly at times.

    When the Summer Olympics move to Tokyo in 2020 … well, that’s a different season, and a different story.

    “Certainly during the Tokyo Games, heat will be an important element in our situation,” said Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto, at a press conference in Rio on Saturday. “We have to ensure an environment for people on how to endure heat.”

    The Summer Games are scheduled from July 24 through August 9, 2020. Temperatures in Japan around that time can sometimes reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Muto said that the organizers are keeping options open to combat that heat. “We will have a variety of counter-heat measures,” he said.

    Some of those measures will be scientifically advanced, like an upgrade of “pavement technology” that can reduce surface

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  • U.S. water polo coach has joy of Olympic gold, agony of losing brother

    Getty Images

    Medal count | Olympic schedule | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO — The emotions finally overcame Adam Krikorian with about two minutes remaining in the match.

    His assistant coach hinted that with an 11-4 lead, it might be a good time to give the U.S. women’s water polo team’s backup goalie an Olympic cameo appearance in the tournament finale. Krikorian replied by asking if the lead was safe. He was met with an emphatic eye-roll before making the substitution.

    “And that’s when I knew we’ve got this game. And that’s when it started to hit,” he said. “I’ve kept so much emotion and feeling inside that it just started to rise, started to burst out of me.”

    Krikorian stood near the pool at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium and recalled the journey of the last three weeks. Recalling the call that informed him that his brother, Blake, had suddenly passed away back in California. Recalling how he left his team in Rio and flew back to grieve and console family. Recalling that plane ride back to

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  • Golden again: U.S. water polo dominates Italy for 2nd straight medal

    Medal count | Olympic schedule | Olympic news

    RIO DE JANEIRO — The pool at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium has seen its share of American gold this month, thanks to the likes of Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky.

    The U.S. women’s water polo team added one more to that total Friday, in dominating fashion.

    The Americans captured their second-straight gold medal in the event with a 12-5 victory over Italy.

    Kiley Neushul had a hat trick, and goalie Ashleigh Johnson had nine saves.

    [Featured: Why Phelps is retiring for good this time]

    This completed an incredible three-year journey to Rio that saw them win every major tournament they entered. Their run in Rio was equally impressive, with an average margin of victory of nearly seven goals per game before the gold medal match against Italy.

    “We could be playing dominoes back at the apartment and they would all want to beat me and beat each other,” said coach Adam Krikorian after their semifinal win against

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