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Greg Wyshynski is the editor of Puck Daddy. A former managing sports editor for The Connection Newspapers, he's written for Deadspin, AOL Sports and is the author of "Glow Pucks & 10-Cent Beer: The 101 Worst Ideas in Sports History." Born and bred in New Jersey, living in Northern Virginia. Did we mention he likes booze?

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  • Max Afinogenov would like to have this one back (Video)

    The phrase “adding insult to injury” comes to mind after viewing this clip from the KHL; because although Max Afinogenov wasn’t literally injured, we imagine his pride might have been. 

    Afinogenov, the 35-year-old inexplicable member of the Buffalo Sabres alumni plaza and current captain of Vityaz Podolsk, did what he does best in a game against Salavat Yulaev on Saturday: used his speed to collect a loose puck, deked around a helpless goalie and fired the puck at the net.

    Only the puck didn’t go in the net – it went off the net. And the Salavat’s Alexei Kaigorodov really, really made Max regret not scoring on the other end of the ice:

    Hey, it was a weird angle and the defense was closing in, so Afinogenov was a little hasty in his shot. And hey, Vityaz had a second chance on the rebound.

    But the “missed an open net and have your opponent score seconds later” chain reaction is an especially cruel one…

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  • Scott Stevens steps down as NJ Devils assistant coach

    Assistant coaches come and go in the NHL, either to pursue new challenges or because their boss decides it’s time for them to pursue new challenges. They’re usually a name on the transaction wire, a name not mentioned again until the new guy doesn’t improve upon their work. 

    But when that departing assistant coach is the greatest captain in franchise history and someone many felt was being groomed to become a head coach, it does tend to get some additional attention.

    To wit: New Jersey Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello announced that Scott Stevens has decided to step down from Pete DeBoer’s staff for the 2014-15 season, with former Devils defenseman Tommy Albelin taking over. He was a coach with the AHL Albany Devils for the last four seasons.

    Why the move? From Fire & Ice, Lamoriello said:

    "There is nothing to read into," Lamoriello said. "It's not the organization. It's not this. It's not that. It's just that was a decision he made. I'm sure it's not something that will be long

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  • Alex Ovechkin spinning his Instagram comment on Russian, Ukraine

    Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals hit the NHL’s media day on Monday to field the usual questions: “How’s the new coach? What did you think of the players that weren’t invited back? So, about eventually winning that Stanley Cup …?” 

    Breaking the monotony: Questions about Ovechkin’s political statement on Instagram, in which he held a sign that read “Save Children From Fascism” in a comment on Russian intervention in Ukraine’s ongoing internal conflict.

    To reset the issue, via Russian Machine Never Breaks:

    To recap, Save Children From Fascism is a social-media campaign promoted by the Russian government commenting explicitly on the situation in Ukraine. Protecting the children, the Kremlin argues, justifies its military adventurism. Ovechkin is one of several Russian celebrities who have been involved in the campaign.

    But rather than express support for his friend Vladimir Putin’s military efforts, Ovechkin said the photo was meant to be taken literally.

    When asked his intentions

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  • Puck Daddy’s NHL 2014-15 Emoji Preview: San Jose Sharks

    (The 2014-15 NHL season is nearly upon us, and attempting to handicap the winners and losers can sometimes leave us speechless. So we decided to break down all 30 teams with the next best thing to words: Emojis!) 

    Last Season In Emojis

    Last Season, In Summary 

    The San Jose Sharks went 51-22-9 last season, finishing second in the Pacific Division. Joe Pavelski led the team with 41 goals, Joe Thornton led the team with 65 points. Brent Burns made an effective transition to forward with 22 goals. Assistant coach Larry Robinson’s defense was exemplary, particularly the play of Marc-Edouard Vlasic, who earned Norris consideration with a plus-31. 

    They drew the Los Angeles Kings in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs and took a 3-0 series lead, outscoring the Kings by a 17-8 margin.

    The NHL was so impressed with that performance that it ended the playoffs early and handed San Jose its first-even Stanley Cup, along with a certificate stating that the Sharks were the “Super

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  • When Bruce Levenson applied race-based marketing to hockey

    Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson is selling his stake in the team because, as Mark Cuban accurately predicted, other NBA owners’ filthy laundry was going to get them in trouble is a post-Donald Sterling league. 

    In Levenson’s case, the issue was an Aug. 2012 email that detailed the Hawks’ attendance struggles and his theory that “the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a signficant (sic) season ticket base.”

    There are competing theories as to why this email surfaced. We know Levenson self-reported it to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it was discovered during an extensive internal audit of the team following a racist term being used in a free-agent scouting report on Luol Deng. (Per Woj, it’s that Deng has “some African in him.”)

    Would a single email be enough for the NBA to ask Levenson to recuse himself? Who knows? The cynical take, however, is that he wanted out and this mea

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  • Stephane Quintal named new NHL Department of Player Safety boss

    How you feel about the promotion of Stephane Quintal to senior vice president of player safety in the NHL likely hinges on how you felt about the job Brendan Shanahan did as the department’s founding father.

    Quintal's the guy those inside the department were pulling for to get the job. Every indication we’ve received is that Quintal will continue to enforce the standards established by the department under Shanahan, who left the job in April to take over rearranging the deck chairs of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    That means Quintal continuing to use the established precedents on factors like intent to injury and hits to the head. That means continuing to use the “as the video shows” explanations of suspensions and maintaining open communication with players and teams. That means moving progressively to tackle new challenges and correct old mistakes, like with the development of “Rule 48.” And, we imagine, that means continuing to target those players that repeatedly end up in hearings with

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  • Darcy Kuemper playing his KHL card in talks with Wild

    As far as leverage goes, Minnesota Wild restricted free agent goalie Darcy Kuemper lacks it. 

    GM Chuck Fletcher owns his rights, and already has two NHL goalies under contract for next season in Niklas Backstrom and Josh Harding, with Ilya Bryzgalov still out there in UFA land.

    Obviously, he’d like Kuemper under contract, considering how good the young goalie is and the health questions that dog his current netminders. But it’s not going to be at Kuemper’s asking price, which is a one-way contract rather than a two-way deal.

    So Kuemper is doing what anyone in his situation seems to do when negotiating an RFA contract with little leverage: Making noise about playing in Russia.

    According to Bob McKenzie, Kuemper is looking at his KHL options for next season, which would involve a contract with an NHL out clause. His agent is Jeff Helperl.

    Fletcher said earlier this summer that he understands where Kuemper is within in the context of his NHL career, and that timing on the contract isn’t

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  • Nasty sucker punch in Champions League earns Brock McBride 2-game ban (Video)

    In the third period, with his team down 4-1 in a Champions League game against Frolunda, forward Brock McBride of Villacher SV (Austria) allowed his emotions get the better of him; and then allowed his fist to punch an opponent standing next to him in the face, and then several more times while he was down on the ice. 

    Here’s the incident from Sunday that earned McBride – who played for the AHL’s Houston Aeros and Milwaukee Admirals, as well as in the ECHL – a two-game suspension from the CHL tournament.

    You know, if you’re going to sucker punch someone, best not do it roughly 10 inches away from the referee. Just sayin’:

    The punchee was Mathias Olimb of Norway, who spent 60 games with the Rockford Ice Hogs back in 2010-11, and let’s not completely ignore his role as a catalyst here. Olimb crunched McBride from behind and then appeared to slew-foot him as McBride was getting back up from the ice.

    Does that excuse McBride from yanking his sweater, pulling Olimb back like a yo-yo,

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  • New Toronto NHL team facing $1.2 billion expansion fee?

    When the National Hockey League stops its charade about not even having considered expansion, and gets around to actually expanding, there’s going to be at least one Canadian market putting up an obscene amount of money for the rights to a franchise. 

    Maybe it’s Quebec City, which will have an arena. Maybe it’s Toronto, which could maybe possibly share an arena with the Maple Leafs.

    It’s assumed that owners of the latter expansion team would have to ante up more than the former. It’s a guaranteed profit machine, but the chance to own it involves a massive franchise fee, some of it to satiate the city’s incumbent team.

    How much would a Toronto NHL expansion franchise cost?

    Rick Westhead of TSN spoke with some investment bankers who advise NHL teams. Two of them believed the bidding for the team would be south of $1 billion. Three of them felt the eventual fee could go as high as $1.2 billion.

    Or slightly more than the gross domestic product of Grenada.

    We know what you’re thinking: Not

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